July 23, 2010

Things Are Not As They Seem

I thought Solo had missed me and was so excited to see me as my truck stopped in front of the barn at 7:30 tonight and he neighed a bold welcome.

Then I found out the horses just hadn't been fed yet and probably would have welcomed a monkey as long as it had opposable thumbs and could carry a grain bucket.

I thought I would kill time while the horses were eating by picking out stalls, as the barn was shady and it would be a nice light task.

Then my shirt drenched all the way through with sweat.

I thought I'd take Solo on a nice trail ride a bit after 8:00 pm, as the temperature would have dropped by then. Besides, I was riding in shorts and flip flops, I'd stay cool enough.

Then his sweat blended with mine.

I thought we'd move into the woods for shade and cooler air.

Then the evil deer flies swarmed Solo's head in an eager feeding frenzy.

Solo was excited about getting out and about, so I thought we'd do a bit of trot to get away from the flies and stir up a breeze.

Then the flies started flying faster.

I thought we'd move out into the fields, as the flies generally stick to the woods and shy away from open areas.

Then we lost the shade and got hotter, even in the slanted rays of the late evening sun.

I thought we'd better quit before we both lost our patience. So we did.


  1. Ok, so here in Va I guess the "deer flies" are called "biting flies." I was looked at like a retard. Glad to hear that someone else knows what a deer fly is.

  2. Ahahahhaha -- maybe we just better stick to calling them devil flies!

    That's weird though -- a lot of flies bite! If they just call them biting flies, how do they distinguish between horseflies and deer flies and other flies?

  3. I do NOT miss deer flies. Have you ever tried riding with a fly whisk? The kind made with horse hair? When I trail ride back in the East I try to always bring one with me. Deer flies are the only insects I can kill with my bare hand, though.

  4. Amanda, I do either break off a tree branch or carry the dressage whip for fly harrassment purposes, no way would I ride without something to whisk the bastards with, they are awful!

  5. Riding in shorts and flip-flops?! Good thing George Morris doesn't have a fleet of Correct Riding Attire Police patroling the countryside and writing tickets to offenders such as yourself! (I totally feel your pain, though -- down here in the swamp, just walking the ten feet from your air-conditioned car to your air-conditioned house can cause heat exhaustion!)

  6. eventer79 does quite a lot of flip flop riding, she does not usually mention it.

  7. I figure the horse can't step on your toes when your feet are higher than his! What can I say, I like to make pony clubbers cry...

  8. Heat, sweat, and flies, oh my. At least you got out for a little bit. I think a flip flop would make a great fly swatter.