September 11, 2010

Time´s Up Already ¨´imagine question mark here because I can´t find one on this keyboard´´

We are back in Quito.  I am itching to run down the street & go find the horses again.  The riding was beyond incredible.  There are many pictures tucked into my camera & we will also get a DVD of photos from the outfitter that she & a professional photographer took while we rode.  So, I will warn you now -- many posts of stories &pictures are to come as I drag entertain you with the trip. 

But none of the pictures will be able to truly capture the magnitude & scale of the neverending rows of hazy volcanos & wide high plains watched by hawks and condors.  I think I pulled a muscle in my neck trying to look at everything at once. 

And the horses....amazing.  Name a horse you know that can trek all day & canter along ridges at 4,200 meters above sea level (about 13,800 feet).  Whenever I tried to walk up a hill, I was about to collapse after five steps, even after a week of acclimatization.

So, back to Miami in the morning, then home to NC tomorrow.  I am sad to go, but twitching to see Solo.  Who will feel like a giant after these tough South American ponies.  Once I am back, I can begin the laborious process of sorting 600 pictures & uploading!  Till then, go hug a horse & enjoy the ride!


  1. Make sure ya wave at me while you're in Miami! Lol. Glad to hear you had such a great time. :-D

  2. In addition to uploading some photos to this blog, could you please have a large folder of photos on one of the photo sharing web sites? One that doesn't require that people sign up to view photos. Your trip sounds so amazing, that I could easily look at a few hundred photos in a slide show.

  3. Frizz, I will wave for sure! I have a three hour layover, complete with a joyous trip through customs. Where they will probably strip search me or something because, horrors, I dared to go beyond our sacred borders, LOL!

    Kipp, I am pondering several uploading strategies, but rest assured, they will require no sign ups!

    lh, you are invited to a photo viewing party. Hint, hint, there may be a REALLY cool prize in it for you.

  4. Sounds fabulous! (your trip...not the strip search). Looking forward to the pictures (of your trip, not the strip search). ;-)

  5. Solo, don't even joke about that! They made me take my pants off once at MIA. Yep. True story! Because I totally look like a terrorist, ya know.
    I'm hoping you were not subjected to such humiliation! Oh, and my apologies for our airport being so ugly and yicky. :-P

  6. Haha, Frizz -- I actually thought the Miami airport had some nice touches, but it was too huge! No strip search although they did take away my very deadly (tiny) fingernail clippers. WTF?

  7. At DIA one time, they made my 79 year old, handicapped father unbuckle and unzip his pants infront of everyone going through security. He had a colostomy bag and they said, "We need to know what's in here." Uh...what do you think is in a colostomy bag?!!!

    Glad you only had to give up your fingernail clippers and not your dignity.

  8. Ohhh, OUAE, that's awful! I met a doctor once who had to be paraded naked through the airport because the metal detector kept going off!