October 6, 2010

Day 6.1: The Running Of The Bulls

I also learned that Sam loved one thing more than anything else: running. And he loved something else even more than that: running while chasing bovines. So when the bulls were turned loose after a vaccinating session, his ears about popped off with excitement. You can almost hear him gasping Want, waaaaaaaantttt....


  1. Well, at least you were on the opposite side of the fence! I was once hiking in Switzerland when I looked up the mountain to see a whole herd of bulls charging towards me at breakneck speed. Definitely gets your heart pounding! Luckily, they decided that I am a Friend of Cows, so they refrained from trampling me with their not-so-little hooves.

  2. Did you chant "MOOS ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD!!"

  3. weeeh! one of the black cows faceplants right at the end haha!
    and what a cutie, his ears are just about ready to roll forwards off his face

  4. LMAO, I had to go back and watch it for the faceplant, I totally missed that before, thanks Hurricane!!

  5. Does it get any better than experiencing life through the expressions of horse ears??

    Gorgeous, your pictures are doing it some justice. (And Sam SO wanted those cows.)

    Happy Trails!