October 23, 2010

I Love Fall

It really is the best time of year.  Too bad the gun season for deer starts next week and ruins it all.  Today, though, priceless.

Cross country is fantastic, a rush like none other I have known.  But it will still never fill me up the way a day in the autumn woods alone with my horse does.  His quiet hoofbeats through leaves and pine needles complement the swing of his head and tail and the rhythmic notes of our bell.  The cool air of fall is tempered by the warm afternoon sun, spattering through the changing leaves across the trail.  Solo eats up the trail with a long, swinging trot and brightly pricked ears.  The rise and fall of his back muscles echoes the beat of my pulse.  Every stress, every worry, every tension falls away with the passing breeze and my universe narrows to this, one strong horse and one winding trail.

What makes your soul settle and sigh in contentment? 


  1. definitely have to agree with you there! it's amazing trekking alone with your horse, i love walking along the beach with my horse, as well as the forest :)

  2. I've enjoyed your last few posts. We're in the middle of settling in to our new house in Georgia and I have to say that we couldn't have picked a better time to move to the south (weather wise) than right now. It has been absolutely gorgeous every day we've been here. Hopefully I'll be starting my hunt for a new equine partner very soon and will get a chance to enjoy this weather on horseback!

  3. I'm with ya on the beach too, H12!

    How exciting, Amanda!!! You'll have to let us know when you find something special!