March 22, 2011

Progressively Progressing

Our sights are fixed on Longleaf Pines HT.  There are four and a half weeks between now and then.  OMG, THERE ARE FOUR AND A HALF WEEKS BETWEEN NOW AND THEN.

Project Solo Fitness better keep on cracking the whip.

Saturday saw our first jumping lesson post-Wormageddon. I wondered if Solo would be exhausted by the end, but my worry was misplaced; he did better than I did! And David said it was the best he'd even seen the Red Boy move, words which warmed my heart. I did sit on some fairly wonderful canter steps...

I've picked up a nasty habit of digging my heels in for forward, but since my legs are so stinking long, that requires some heel lifting. Which tips my upper body forward and tips my horse forward. Norty norty. So David had me focus on really sinking my heels on approach and after landing from a fence to help keep my upper body back. As always, his little fix was eminently helpful and Solo cantered through a triple line in the prettiest little soft rhythm you could ask for.

So I shall be doing my homework on that one. Some of that will require extra strengthening of my core muscles too -- since I know my back is my weak point, I need to make sure that my other muscles can compensate and keep me sitting up when I really need it!

Now that it's actually daylight after work (WOOHOO!) we can get on the trails during the week and continue building muscle and wind with lots of walk and trot work through the woods. This has an added bonus of spring wildlife sightings; Sunday we met a brilliant orange banded water snake as he leaped with surprise into a stream. It thrills my entire day to see those guys.

Yesterday, our saddle fitter made some necessary tweaks to both saddles to revive packed down wool, so a certain chestnut with a princess back had better not get too fussy now! Please let spring karma be kind to our ragtag endeavors!


  1. Yahooo!! I was wondering how you two were doing. It sounds like wonderfully! Not surprised!

  2. Yahooo!! I was wondering how you two were doing. It sounds like wonderfully! Not surprised!

  3. Thanks for liking it twice!! ;-)

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  5. 4 weeks, seems so long and so short at the same time. I have a similar long legged issue, and 'weight into your heels!' appears to be a favourite mantra of my coach's when we're jumping. I always get it at least once/lesson.
    Good to hear he's doing well, any more helmet cam videos for us?

    Oops, I have no idea what I did with my last comment.

  6. Wormaggedon, ha ha, that's a good one.

    Glad to hear the Red guy is doing so great!

  7. Kate, not from this weekend. I should have some in about four weeks though!

    Amanda, thanks! He did some really good work last night, there is much hope!

  8. YAY!!
    Ugh - 4 weeks?! I'm at about 7 weeks (stpuid Canadaian weather) until event numero uno, and am freaking out!!!
    Good luck!

  9. You guys are going to rock.

    Cuz you always do.

  10. What a wonderful blog!!

  11. Braffie -- I am SO done with the "w" word, shudder!!

    SB, I heart you.

    Julie, thank you!! I love your sidesaddle pictures!!

  12. Hooray for softness! So, now is this up-coming event Novice or Training? Either way, I'm sure you guys will have a blast and kick some a$$!

  13. Frizz, we have entered at Novice for this one.