February 10, 2014

I'm A Real Boy, Er, Farmmmm!

But first, don't forget to vote for us and my completely ridiculous face in the Carolina International contest we are losing, LOL!  The prize is a coveted horse trial entry that I long to be able to do.  Thank you for all who have given their support, y'all rock!!

Now, to the topic at hand:

It is, ladies and gentlemen, real indeed.  I give thee...
Flying Solo Farm at dusk
Where I do not live.  Nor do my horses.  But hey, it's a process!  We started from here: 
Almost exactly the same vantage point last August

Things that do live there:
A feed shed!
A wonderful fellow Adult Rider has a farm nearby and the shed had been laying disassembled in her pasture, so she generously offered it to me and even brought her husband over to help put it back together!  Three cheers for no feed tubs in the laundry room!!
Finished fencelines
East side of main pasture opposite house
I have a couple gates to build, a battery for my fence charger to buy, and a few more buckets of dirt to move.  Oh yeah, and maybe put some gravel down in front of the house.  The grader still has some work to do and the factory still has to send a few parts and repairs for the house, but it's passed final inspection. 

If the atmosphere will just cooperate, in about two weeks, my boys will be able to watch this:
Sunset from the run-in site.


  1. Yes, i voted....now when can I come for a visit??? It looks like an fabulous place to come home to, pull up a seat on the deck and watch the sunsets...I know you must be excited, although exhausted. Worth it, though, right??

  2. Wow, that looks GREAT! I'd like to crack open a few adult beverages watching that sunset and your boys run around :)

  3. I love it I love it I love it. So happy for you to be able to move forward with this. :)

  4. Oh, god, how can you wait?! I'm so excited for you!

    (Also, I voted and was pleased to be #100!)

  5. Haha, you can come visit when I actually live there!

    Woot, Beka, thanks for being 100!!!

    It is very close and I've been doing lots of dumpster diving so I have quite a pile of lumber and moisture barrier! If it would just Q.U.I.T. with this ridiculous weather so we could finish the grading...

  6. Lovely! I can't wait to see pictures of you and the boys enjoying the space:)

  7. The weather has indeed been ridiculous! Can't wait to see the adult beverage holdin' sunset ponies in the pasture watchin' front porch shot!! :D

  8. So, so gorgeous, and so worth all the hard work! It looks awesome, and you know you're going to love it there!

  9. Thank you -- although I am really glad for two days that I am not living there yet!! If the power does go out, since my current house is within city limits, I'll still have water (thanks, new gianter water tower) and most of our lines are underground.

    Although if I lose my interwebz, I may not survive...

    Good thing I picked up a power inverter for the truck last fall so I can plug in whatever I want there & picked up a solar charged light for the feed shed that is outside charging now, on sale for $14 at TSC! http://www.tractorsupply.com/en/store/solar-shed-light?cm_vc=-10005

    Check it out if you need a light, 300 lumens is not terrible, they also have a motion sensor one. I plan to take full advantage of being on a hill with a clear sky view in a (mostly) sunny place!