June 15, 2015

We Have A Winner!

From CBS Sports
Well, yeah, there’s that.

My apologies to the patient (& hilarious) entrants to our SmartPak gift card giveaway for not posting sooner.  Jobs & sad things both tamp one’s ability to keep up with it all.

Hey, some work!!
It was very educational for me as well.  I learned that HorseWorld has no faith in my redneck ideas either, ha!  I kid, I’m sure (at least, I’m telling myself) the guesses at my ETA to failure were based on personal experience.

However, apart from the eventual smashing of aforementioned magnet (which I maintain doesn’t really need a shape anyway, now it’s just unique), my Bucket Magnet actually worked!!  Well, I didn’t find any nails after a very thorough search, but the mechanism stayed intact for the entirety of the search area. 

Alas, the universe always seems to hear when you start getting all proud of yourself.  Across the final slope of the evening, the edge of the bucket juuuust brushed the rising ground mid-turn enough to produce that ego-popping bump.

So congratulations (and thank you very much for your vote of confidence!!) to Abigail Powell, charming  author of The Maggie Memoirs, for coming the closest the optimum time of 0.8 hrs (48 minutes; you were only 3 minutes off, I see a bright eventing future!) by tractor hour-o-meter!!!  You can click the little green email envelope at the top right of the page to contact me or leave your email in the comments & you get $10 to splurge during sale season at SmartPak!


  1. woo hoo congrats Abby! also - your idea lasted WAY longer than i thought haha - that's ingenuity at work!

  2. WOHOO!! Thank you!! Redneck ideas for the win! Frankly, if you hadn't told us that it had fallen off, I would have bet that it was still on there ;)

    My email is ashequine@gmail.com

    1. And you lucked out & get a surprise bonus: SmartPak's minimum gift card amount is $15, so I'll call it a $5 tip for your faith & goodwill, LOL!!

  3. Congrats!!! Sorry, I've been baking my brain cells on work travel -- I will send a present your way very soon!! FTW!!!!