February 16, 2016

You Can Win The Triple Crown Of Eventing – At Beginner Novice


Or Novice.  Or Training.  Or even Prelim.

This is not a joke.   This is a real broadcast from the “Awesome Eventing Opportunity” system.

You may have read a few posts here about a certain long format 3-day-event that comes around on the first weekend in May.  That’s right, Heart of the Carolinas (HOTC) 3DE at the spectacular Southern Eights Farm, just across our southern border in Chesterfield, SC.

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2015 BN3DE Prizes
A spring sister event to the Waredaca 3DE that first inspired my (as-yet-thwarted, sigh) singular T3DE completion goal, HOTC brings it all to the table: a destination facility, a championship-level cross country course, phenomenal clinicians, incredible sponsors (no, Sponsorship Coordinator is not biased at all, hee)…I have so much to share, but that’s another post.

I can’t resist some tempting breadcrumbs, though: how about Sally O’Connor, Carol Kozlowski, special editions from Jim Wofford, Doug Payne…but I digress.

Yeah, Get To That “Triple Crown” Part

While there is a great KY Derby party, that’s not the one I’m talking about.   Last year, some inspired heads came together & created the Carolina Eventing Challenge (CEC).  And HOTC is the final leg of this series.  Are you ready??
Equine opinion may vary (2015 HOTC Jog)
CEC Levels - Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, & Preliminary (as noted)

To win, horse & rider team must complete a minimum of TWO of these
  1. Southern Pines HT (Carolina Horse Park; hurry, entries close 23 Feb!) 
  2. Longleaf Pine HT (Carolina Horse Park; always my favourite HT
  3. HOTC 3DE (Southern Eighths Farm; includes CEC description) 
One must be HOTC and only the 3DE divisions count towards the CEC mega-prize (to be announced).  The one exception is Prelim, as we do not have a Prelim XC course at HOTC, the Prelim CT, which incorporates some Derby fences, will be included in the Challenge.  Lowest scores win.

That’s right, you don’t have to be Pippa Funnell to win an epic eventing series!

2015 TIP Delights
More Than One Way To Play

Not ready (or still working on that quarter jar *raises hand*) for the 3DE yet?  Come on down for our parallel HT divisions, including a new Intro course & the just-created BN-Assisted division.   Bonus:  your OTTB can win cash prizes from the Jockey Club's TB Incentive Program in the HT as well!

Evil goal-thwarting horse (*raises other hand*)?  Um, our volunteer swag is kind of awesome & you can attend all the clinics/coursewalks/lectures for free!

You can find details in the USEA Omnibus listing here.  We already have some amazing prizes for the 3DE (all three long format divisions receive prizes through 8th place); you can check out our ever-growing list of sponsors on the event website.

Can’t make it, but want to be a part of the action?  Fence sponsorships are inexpensive & open to anyone: the LOWER (League of Weenie Event Riders, I love it!) group has supported a XC fence, Riding Warehouse is sponsoring the water complex with more fab prizes…it would be great to have a Horse Bloggers fence, if someone wants to help organize it!!   Leave a comment note or click the email icon up top to give me a shout.

For more information, including TFS posts, EN articles, program links, & more, I maintain a clearinghouse page here, which is also linked in the slider at the bottom of our homepage.

Come fly the Carolina skies! (2014 BN3DE Haffie Whinney The Pooh, I'm not making that up)


  1. This is so awesome!! I would totally participate in something like this in my area!

    1. We've got entries from CT to MN to FL & some even further (for HOTC), so lots of new folks every year from all over! It is a lot of fun, even when I get a little stress-crazy over my spreadsheets, LOL -- and we'll still have a live feed during HOTC like I did last year. Where are you located? There might be more than you think!

    2. I'm in Eastern PA - but eventing un-recognized on a verrrrry tiny budget! ;)

    3. You're one-up on me then, ha -- I'm writing about eventing with an empty bank account. But a girl can dream!

  2. What a fantastic idea. I kind of want to steal that Haffie, though :)

    1. LOL, I think you would've had to wait in a very long line, he was even more adorable in real life!!

  3. oooooh i wanna play!! we need something like this in the maryland area and i would be allllll over it lol

  4. This is awesome! How I wish I could be a contender! Maybe one day my beautiful orange evil filly will help make that dream come true. Really I just want to do the Novice 3 day with her one day, and just finish respectably.

    1. Me too, Whitney! And yes, I just want to finish my 3DE - which means I have to qualify, argh. Although I think Encore would just have to run one N to qualify at that level. I want my T3DE so badly, but it might be out of my price range for way too long.

  5. Also, note updates -- you do NOT have to win the divisions necessarily. And you do not have to run all 3. Omnibus language is undergoing clarification & there will be notices posted at Southern Pines & Longleaf HT for all competitors.

  6. Can I enter on a stick horse? ;-p Never mind, that means I would have to jump the fences myself. And run. Strike that--I don't so much "run" as "shuffle along like a crippled heifer." Oh well, I guess sponsorship is kinda participating-ish, right?

    1. From a fellow shuffler, (hey, I actually have a surgeon's note that says "no running" - not like that's a high risk) hells yeah. And uh, being a sponsor is AWESOME - because literally, we would not have an event otherwise!