January 11, 2014

Farm + Paint = Estate!

L. Williams (so you know who to blame) requested some more samples of my exquisite Paint artistry (I can't really blame them, I mean, you saw it...), so in an attempt to distract myself from having a panic attack about falling trees during a current fast-moving stormfront, I have focused all my creative energies to create for you these masterpieces.   The shoddy Photoshop work is just a bonus.

You're welcome.  As always, you may click to embiggen.

Here you can see a nice little redbud tree on the west side of the house & carefully planned native plant-scaping.  They did finish the stucco on the foundation finally, although I'm still waiting for my dang shutters so I just drew some in, hee.  No large trees allowed near the house since the truck-crusher of Summer 2013 (thankfully not personal truck, omg)!

The boys are unseasonably shiny this year, aren't they?  And Solo is so majykal that green grass grows wherever he steps.  Naturally.  The "Carolina horse shelter" (the horses live in a carport already, it's very common here; this baby is engineered and certfied for 130 mph winds) is completed as of yesterday!

Now all I need are two 10' gates.  And a 6 x 6.  And four 4 x 4's.  And a water trough.  And eyebolts for cross-ties.  And time to backfill & finish the fence.  But hey, I'm watching the ditches for loot!

The Master Plan.  Call it a 5-year plan.  Or maybe a 20-year plan.  But it is my vision for the future!  Of course I colour-coded it!

As of now, the house, shed, & hay shelter are essentially done (ok, so I need electricity.  And shutters.  And an inspection.  Details.) & the north & south sides of the main pasture (the top one is only for riding until I can find some free t-posts to finish the back fenceline) have their strip of tape up.  The lower pasture is also ready to use, although only when I am living there, as I can't afford to put a strip of tape in front of that wire yet; Solo & wire have a bad history.

Taaaape.  Loving the Horseguard, although I have not fully tensioned it yet.
Yes, my fence will be bipolar -- eesh, not my favourite product name, but it's still great stuff!  That way, I do not have to ground my charger unless I want to activate the wire.  You try driving a 10-foot rod in the Carolina piedmont.  Not till the neighbour's hydraulic post driver comes home!  My dressage arena is all ready:  all six little white plastic cones just need to move to their spots in the grass.

What do you mean I have to go to work?  I have plenty of work right here!


  1. The plan looks great!

    Hoping the progress fairy blesses both our farms this year... (Is that red thing in your hand a purse to stuff the $ in - need one of those too :D)

  2. this looks terrific. I can relate to the planning process. don't worry it will all get done. eventually. and then there will be more......

  3. Hahhaha, yes, CFS, that's my Salvation Army bucket!

    Thanks TeresaA!!!

  4. So very happy for you and your ponies!!! Honestly owning and living on a farm nothing is ever DONE, but that is just part of it. It makes it interesting at least and it gives you great opportunities to grow patience and tolerance to whole new levels. And it is all SOOOOO worth it having your babies right out your back door. Very excited for all of you. I hope through all the stress of all of it you are still able to enjoy the process some.

  5. Thanks and L. Williams, you are most welcome, your wish is my command!

    Thanks, Amy, I'm holding on to that mental image of being able to see my horses graze out the window!!

  6. Love your layout! It is so fun to watch it all come together for you. :)

  7. Oh, the stick figures and the flowers and the shopped ponies (I can tell by the pixels). I love it.

    I love the layout, too! Your guys are going to be so stinking happy there. Ugh. And a jump field and a grass dressage ring. Are you taking boarders yet? When can Archie and I move in?

  8. Going to be so satisfying for you to watch it all come together!~

  9. I hope so, T! I can't wait to move there! Knowing me, there will always be insane things that happen and I will fix them backwards 14 times before I get them right, but it will be my own adventure....and save a shit-ton of diesel!!!

  10. Hahahha, Beka, you can move in as soon as you build your own shelter and agree to do all feedings when I am not home -- can you cook?

  11. WTH???? You trying to save the environment by buying some of it, solo?

    (Sent from The Mushroom Farm formerly known as ES Chat)

  12. Hahahaha, hi, FH! Hey, at least 10 acres and one tributary will be safe!

    I miss those fungi-s, ROFL!

  13. Good for you! I hope the farm turns out to be all you hope for. ~FH

  14. Hello, I was wondering if you had an "finished" pictures of your carport shelter/barn? I am considering doing something like this and was looking for ideas, thanks! (Found you via a suggestion from COTH) :)

    1. Hi & thanks for stopping by! I do -- here is one set: http://www.teamflyingsolo.com/2014/04/im-not-dead.html

      I have added more since then (Wall of Redneckery has been replaced by somewhat more solid Wall of Slightly Different Redneckery). There are a few shots here, it's all a gradual process, LOL, and I'm slowly adding a half sliding door across the north end. 30 year plan, ha.