January 16, 2014

So, There's Water Polo, How About Water Eventing?

I should probably just keep a snorkel in my truck at this point.  Even the reservoirs can't hold any more and soil that "never gets muddy" is oh so muddy.  My neighbour tells me he has never seen it this saturated, so at least now I know what to plan for.  He may be regretting selling me his high spots now...

A few of you have noticed, but out of random curiosity, I have placed a poll for you in the sidebar directly above the social media buttons.  Tell me how you get your "fresh reading material" updates and how you follow along with your favourite bloggers!

Since no story ever gets to just wrap up smoothly, despite the fact that they've started power line work and I should have electricity in two weeks (yay!), complications abound.  An insulation subcontractor who for some bizarre reason uses a single-axle dump truck (suspected to be made of lead) with a tarp over it instead of a box truck, wandered up my (completely soaked) farm driveway with half the truck off the edge, resulting a lovely mud slop.  Duly added to list for builder of "things contractors messed up" -- it is a short list, and I think an unavoidable one, but no less annoying for all of that.

The lump mid-cannon on the outside front
With perfectly synchronized timing as my financial assets hit rock bottom until my old house sells (soooo....close....), my truck decides that it might like a couple of new injectors or a driver module.  While it occasionally misfires on a couple of cylinders, I hope against hope it's a $10 wiring harness instead (yeah right), but as long as it is sporadic, after consultation with diesel mechanic, it's fine to keep driving.  It still runs so I waved goodbye and pleaded with My Precious to just be patient, as mom doesn't have $900 to feed you right now.

Feeling left out of the fun, Encore popped a lateral splint, which I discovered on Sunday.  Probably being silly in the pasture.  On the plus side, it's cold, hard, not painful and he shows no lameness while walking and uh, leaping on a packed dirt road.  I consult with Dr. Bob and monitor closely, pleading some more that it's just one of those cosmetic ones.  Just don't start limping!  At least we won't be doing much in the next couple weeks (of mud).

The reason all this is so well-timed is that the state gives this lovely little holiday gift to its employees.  We normally are paid on the last working day of the month.  However, in December, the paycheck comes in two weeks early, before the Xmas holidays.  Which means you get six whole weeks to freak out relax and practice your planning skills until January's check appears.  Two more weeks, two more weeks...



  1. What being paid once a month.. I could never! D: The horrors. Though one place I worked we got paid every friday, that was kinda cool.

  2. Haha, normally it's fine, it's what I am used to. But their cruel December hijinks are just...cruel, everyone hates it.

  3. Yep - enough with the rain already - I'm on perpetual abscess patrol.

    Looking forward to making my own "things contractors messed up list."

    The first gen con I talked to, when working on siting the house, told me how much they hate when the client lives on the property during construction... ;D

  4. Ugh. I get paid monthly, and it always makes the holidays a PITA. This year I was paid before Thanksgiving, then not again until The first Friday of January. Bah!

  5. I hear you on the money thing- it seems that a vehicle always knows when you might be getting ahead.

  6. When it rains it pours or so it would seem. It can't rain forever, though, right? Hopefully sunshine is heading your way soon!

  7. I used to get paid every other week and that was SUPER hard... I feel a lot better now getting piles of checks in my hand the day of!

  8. Yeah, CFS, I already told builder that I was pretty sure they were never going to work with an attentive biologist again!

    OMG, AG, Thanksgiving??? That's just cruel.

    And Amanda, definitely, that's why my mantra is "nothing lasts forever."

  9. I get paid bi-weekly, which generally suits me just fine. I can't imagine only being paid once a month - argh!!! I would NEVER be able to budget properly.

    Last week my car needed repairs, so I was forced to withdraw savings to make it until next Friday. I don't like it when I'm halfway through and having to think "one more week, one more week," so I really feel for you.

    Hope the silly redhead doesn't give himself any more lumps and bumps!

  10. What is this "budget" of which you speak? LOLOLOLOL! Thanks for the good wishes!!

  11. I used to get paid once a month....never again. Hang in there!