April 24, 2016

We're Still Here, Still Crazy

My intentions to update you remain overwhelmed by assignments, but I couldn't leave a gaping hole for guesses, so I shall at least attempt The Bullet Approach:

  • To each person who has shared & those who continue to share support, kindness, laughter, & even just saying hi – THANK YOU, YOU ARE AWESOME. 
  • I apologize for any impressions that I may be sitting in a hole of self-pity, (ok, I'm human, I totally own that there was some egregious despair) however life stepped in & ripped the cover off the hole in short order. 
    • Field research season opened for roaring business at work, leaving little time for whimpering. 
    • See splashy horse (unless on a mobile)
    • It's also nearly the first weekend in May, which means – click the countdown to Heart of the Carolinas 3DE in the left sidebar to visit event central...GO LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY THINGS, THEY TAKE A LONG TIME TO MAKE! ;P  There's more on the way, thanks to great sponsors & my fantastic Sponsorship Assistant:  Erica, you rock
  • Encore & I are picking away at this whole rehab thing.   I'm not sure where we are right now, but today was sunny, 70F, with a light breeze, & we walked through a green forest of birdsong: vireos, warblers, wrens, thrashers, gnatcatchers, woodpeckers, even the wild turkeys.

    Each note landed gently on my heart, seeming to say that the Moment is here, the Moment is now, & this Moment has much good.  That is a melody I embrace.  There has been more than enough darkness, today I unquestioningly cherish the sun.
  • Back on a lighter note: HOTC 2016!  There will be some seriously amazing new elements this year.  You will still be able to follow the live media feeds on Twits & InstaThingies (you know you have it in your diary: “Be entertained by eventer79's ridiculous sleep-deprived commentary.”) & I'll share more very soon. 
    • Hints: listen in when Sally O'Connor joins us – yes, THAT Sally – and meet both new & familiar equine crafts(wo)men. 
    • On top of the Mother's Day craft contest (eventers + beer + glitter markers = no-lose possibility), annual Southern Eighths KY Derby party, the return of our flying volunteer veterans, & did I mention a collection of mind-blowing prizes??? 
  • Solo sends his shiniest magic to all of you, although he is still working on transferring an unfathomable amount of dull winter fur into every single one of my pores.  Note to self: do not open mouth while brushing horse on windy spring days.  Or eyes. 
So for now -

When your eyes are tired 
the world is tired also... 
The dark will be your home tonight. 

The night will give you a horizon 
further than you can see. 

Iris woke up today!
You must learn one thing. The world was made to be free in... 

Sometimes it takes darkness & the sweet 
confinement of your aloneness 
to learn 

anything or anyone 
that does not bring you alive 

is too small for you.

 -excerpt from Sweet Darkness, poem by David Whyte, thanks for the discovery to Calm Things


  1. *Waves* Glad you are still here, still alive, still crazy! Dino appreciates the Solo-shiny-magic - he is still uberfluffy and needs all he can get!

    1. *waves back* I recommend putting on the fluffiest fleece you can find, then apply chapstick & stand downwind - that fur should just fall off! ;)

  2. Glad to see that the flowers are blooming for you....always a nice surprise in the spring. Enjoy those moments when the world is on your side and the sun is shining brightly enough to reach your soul.love always...

    1. Indeed -- it's good to know the rabbits didn't get everything.

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely -- although I usually either trip or cut myself on something afterwards. ;P

  4. Enjoy that sun, everyday I try to turn my face to it and soak up some joy no matter what else is happening. Glad you are still trekking along.

    1. That is an excellent motto for any day! Thanks. :)

  5. Sounds busy busy - but like there's a lot to look forward to! Glad you're enjoying each moment right now too ;)

  6. Thank you so much for putting me in contact with the volunteer coordinator. She found me a place to stay and I'll be volunteering all 4 days! Can't wait to meet you in person! Thanks again, this is the most fun thing I'll do all year!

    1. Yay!!!!! I'll be the crazy lady driving in circles having a stress breakdown in the back shed for 4 days, LOL, but you'll get the much more fun stuff -- definitely don't miss the paratrooper jump!!!