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We Are Flying Solo

March 24, 2012

Tantrums And Tree Sex

I bet a get a lot of google hits off that title.  If I add the word "cat" I might be able to garner the entire internet to this blog!

It was hot yesterday evening as we rode Solo and Pete, the dynamic duo, into woods stained yellow in a tree-orgy of pollen.  Oh yes, it's that time of year. 

I had turned Encore out in his paddock, content to let him rest and eat another day while I took my Shiny Man out for what had always been his favourite, a romp in the woods with our best friends.

Turns out, a particular redhead had been enjoying doing not much at all much more than I thought.  He slowed and stalled and nipped at my toes and paused at every puddle we crossed, ostensibly to "drink" but I knew that old trick too well -- it was really an excuse to get me to let go of the reins and let him stand still. 

I had to be a little sympathetic, we'd taken the hilly trail and it was no doubt akin to forcing an obese man to run bleacher stairs for the first time in months.  Poor hippo pony.  I told him it was pretty pathetic that the six year old gave me a better trail ride than his opinionated butt that day.

It was quite the miracle though, once we turned for home, suddenly, he was all red fire again, charged with energy, bare feet no longer tender and delicate, but rather charging full blast down the trail.  It still made me laugh.

Sorry, buddy, I haven't forgotten a single one of your tricks or tantrums.

A trademark Solo-tantrum moment.
As we came to a big puddle that crossed most of the trail, we approached at the walk, but it was deep and wide enough, I KNEW he would jump it.  And when that red horse makes up his mind, you just get ready.  What I didn't know is that he would jump it, kick out, leap sideways, half rear, fling his head in the air, and make his bid for galloping freeeeeeeedommmmmm.  Right at a giant tree.  Umm.

The Solo trantrums never do give you any warning.

I yanked the right rein back towards the middle of the trail and kicked him forward out of the "up," my primary thought being, damn, if I run into a tree, I can no longer make fun of lifeshighway (Pete's mom) for running into a tree!  But we missed it and instead did a long, swinging trot up the hill, even after fatty got tired and begged to stop.

All walked home uneventfully after that, got a good hosedown, and were returned to their appropriate pastures.  Solo made me work a lot harder than I wanted to, but I felt like we at least burned some calories.  Someone also DEFINITELY needs to get a bit of a work ethic back!   


  1. Awwwww! Solo tantrums! (I can say "aww" since I was not the one riding out the head-flinging tantrum lol!) In our 1 1/2 weeks of training, Bailey has, thankfully, only had one all out tantrum. In the round pen. I might be a chicken, but I know my horse, and she was giving all the "I am going to BUCK and KICK and SPIN RIGHT NOWWWWW!!!" signs.
    Anyhoo, so glad for a Mr. Shiny update!!! Didn't Lifeshighway have some surgery or something keeping her off the pony? Yay for her being back on!
    And hoof nerd, bare feet? Is Solo retrying the barefoot thing? You can't hint at that at leave it!

  2. Ha, Alana, you crack me up.

    (1) Yes, lh had shoulder surgery in November is finally getting to ride a little again.

    (2) I had Solo barefoot for a year and half when I first got him. We had to quit because of a combo of crappy ex-farrier and his wussy, wussy feet. Watching Encore's feet magically become amazingly rock-hard, I have come to realize the importance of genetics. But since Solo is not competing or doing a whole lot right now, he is barefoot to let his heels spread out. I'll be buying him some new front boots because his is a giant wuss, they never do become what they should, sigh.

  3. Haha, Solo cracks me up. Nothing like an old friend to go on an adventure with.

  4. I laughed for your intro, I wonder how many people are coming here because of your title!!!

    I took a pony out on her first cross country schooling for the year and she had a simular tantrum. Silly horses. But good for them letting it out, it's good to know they are alive under us!

  5. Yes, it's definitely good to know that they are alive, they want to move and go, and they have opinions of their own! The day he stops doing that, I would be very concerned indeed.

  6. Your title cracked me up. Who am I kidding? The whole entry was hilarious.

  7. Really?? Encore doesn't have the infamous "crappy, shelly, no-heel" TB feet? YAY! I can't remember if you've mentioned his feet before but I'm so glad his are good. OTTB feet are something I really worry about with my dream horse. It's nice to know they're not ALL bad. But then, Encore seems to be a superior OTTB in a lot of ways. :-)

  8. P.S. Also really glad Mr. Shiny Pants is still getting to have some fun with his 'ole mom. Do you think he's made progress with the muscular issue?

  9. RW, no way -- Encore's feet have heavy, thick hoof walls and his bare back feet are now hard as iron. It's amazing. I could NEVER get Solo's feet to do that. Same management but different genetics.

    I think he's probably plateaued with his muscle thing. Vet says there is probably scar tissue in there, so he has good and bad days. But he seems to be fine with low level stuff, so I'm hoping to get him back into some kind of fitness program soon.