January 28, 2011

Me So Handy

I am hoping the warming weekends mean that winter is moving on out. If it's not, I may use the pitchfork in a forceful manner to encourage it to do so.

Solo is finishing up his bute regimen and I will attempt to get on him tomorrow to see what I have under me. Keep your hooves crossed please!

Since one must keep oneself busy in winter to avoid assuming the shape of an eggplant, I decided to load all my power tools in the truck last weekend and attack some crippled jump standards we'd been storing. Yay, power tools! Music to a girl's ears...

There were four gate wing standards.  Two had legs rotted off and several of the middle boards were, well, held together by duct tape.

I'm on it!! Just give me an extension cord and I'm entertained for hours! Ok, at least an hour till I get impatient and figure out some shortcut that won't look quite as good but hey, it's fixed! Check out the prowess in action! Thank god I am better at building things than I am at dressage.

I know, it's amazing I didn't saw a finger off. Solo and I share accident-prone genes. We make up for it with, uh, our charmingness, of course!

Voila! One of my newly patched masterpieces. Mad skillz, baby, mad skillz.


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  2. Good job! Winter is coming and going here, 60 today, snow on Monday.

  3. So, you wanna take a trip to Maine and do that to our jumps?? It's suppose to get up to 30 degrees today!

  4. Lovely! I always just drag my dad out to the barn and make him fix things :)

    We built a 'flower box' together last year that was really fun, though. About six inches of white foam board sandwiched between two pieces of white vinyl fencing and bolted together, with feet added...then you can stick anything in the styrofoam. We used those spinning pinwheel thingies in it! Makes an excellent schooling filler.

  5. Good idea with the foam, mm! molly, I am going to gracefully decline your offer -- I think Maine might well kill me!

  6. DIY work is always fun! We have built shelves, put in floor, built the 3 stall barn w/ tack/feed room and hay storage, jumps(which I sooo desperately need since, you know, I am not jumping...) water training wading pool, gates, and on and on. I really like DIY, which is good, as I am poor, so if I want it I have to build it not buy it!!
    And rope halters, and saddle pads...

  7. Oh, and molly, I would love an excuse to go to Maine! Get a list together and me and my man will take a road trip lol!!!

  8. Sweet, Alana, now I know who to place my saddle pad orders with!

  9. Alana- You're on! We have a 40 acre cross country field that needs to have several banks added to it, and 150 acres of horse property that needs painting!!

    Maine is a beautiful place, but it hasn't been above freezing in two weeks and I'm going crazy!