January 9, 2011

This Is How We Roll: Dressage Saddles

For quite some time, Solo and I played in the sandbox in a Wintec Dressage Pro. However, it was no longer fitting for us, so it was time to find its replacement. For my funky-shaped horse. And funky-shaped me. Yay. Cause we've had such fun with saddle fitting in the past.

But then, for a brief instant, the universe smiled upon us. Because I was out of cash, I thought my search was doomed. But then the SO stepped in. Yes, the same wonderful one who made my one life dream come true five years ago. He was probably sick of listening to me whine incessantly about the horror that is saddle shopping. So he did himself a favour and shut me up by funding My Precious.

And by My Precious, I mean our new dressage saddle. 17.5 inches of black beauty.

I like to pet it and stare at it...oh, sorry, you want details! It is a Black Country Eden, chosen because, of their two dressage trees, this one has a little more scoop to it and sat on Solo beautifully. These saddles are hand built in England -- you pick the tree (or they can build one off of your wither tracing) and then you pick all the options (for no extra charge!).

So I spec'd it out:

Grippy heritage leather
Wither gussets to fill those hollows behind Solo's withers
Thigh blocks that were not too big
A flap angled slightly forward to accomodate my freaky long thighs
Dropped panels to spread weight over a wider surface area on Solo's back

Here's an example of dropped panels on a jumping saddle, they fit in behind the shoulder:

End result: awesomeness. You sit in it and it's like sliding into a glove. Gorgeous balance and oh so comfortable, it's like an easy chair. I have mad, mad love for it and will never let it go.

Thank you, darlin'.


  1. sweet baby Jesus that is a nice saddle! Does your SO have a brother? LOL!

  2. I have SO been lusting after Black Country's! Some day I'll have one... some day.

    Anyway, you're a very lucky lady! :)

  3. Well it is about time we got some pics of this new custom saddle!

  4. Karen, ROFL, he does have a little brother, but sorry he is married. :-(

    Jana, they are worth every single cent and they are a wonderful company to deal with.

    Alana, that Smeagol will never get it back, it is mine, my owwwwwnnnnn...

  5. Ooooooooooo! Although I've never laid eyes on a Black Country, I've read great things about them. Nice! Hope ya gave the SO a big, wet kiss for such a nice gift. ;-)

  6. If you pay her 5 bucks, she will let you pet it but you have to wash your hands first.

  7. Hey, I let lh sit in it for free. But only because she gave me a glow-in-the-dark flamingo.