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We Are Flying Solo

July 15, 2010

Fitting Up

There is no doubt Solo lost some fitness during his month-long break. I still don't regret it for a second because that weariness that hung about him in May is gone. But it does mean that conditioning is our top order of business at the moment.

Our first jump school in a month was on Saturday morning -- and my boy felt so good, he was flipping his nose in sheer delight. I think he would have jumped all day if I had let him, but his panting lungs betrayed him. A bareback hack on the pasture hills on Monday, some transition work on Tuesday, and a short (HOT!) session in the vienna reins tonight complete his week. Before I hooked up the vienna reins, I longed him on the side of a hill at the walk and trot to see if he could balance himself and maintain the rhythm downhill (he did!).  The fitness will come back quickly; I can already tell a difference from Saturday to today in aerobic capacity. Per Dr. Bob, 4-6 weeks will bring us back to peak, which would work out just right, should we decide to enter a Horse Trial I've been eyeing at the end of August.

On a side note, did you know that probably 90% of the time I type "horse," it comes out "hores"? Helluva typo.

What have you been doing with your horses this summer? Hitting your local circuits despite the sweat factor? Enjoying long sessions at the end of the hose? Swimming in the pasture pond? Gearing up towards fall goals? Share your stories!!


  1. I have been horse-less, so no riding for me (although, given the sweltering heat, I'm not too broken up about it).
    BUT, that's gonna change real soon! Either tomorrow or Saturday, I'm going to start riding a "made" TB gelding who has done the AA jumper classes for years. Much as I love the greenies, it will be soooo nice to ride a horse that knows what he's doing. :-) Can't wait!

  2. I moved my pony where it was cooler! Only way to beat the heat? Get out of it!
    I really only had this luxury because I was already heading to the coast for school... I wish I could really "summer" here every year. I've been much more productive!

  3. Well it did get up to 92 here one day last week but really summer only just started on July 5th and the average temperature is around 70-75. Gotta love Washington (in the (short) summer time)! We're supposed to be moving back to Georgia in the fall. I don't know what I'll do when I have to deal with real heat and humidity again but I definitely won't miss all the rain!

  4. Trying to get my guy back to condition with some rehab work due to a lameness that has been undiagnosable! Sound now after a year off, so bringing him back slowly, walking and little trot sets! Training some other horses as well, but yesh! It's hot!!

  5. Too hot right now for much of anything - and the bugs on the trails are just awful. I'm working on trying to get Maisie back in some sort of shape while dealing with her arthritic hind end - it's a balancing act - too much and she's sore and too little and we never get anywhere.

    And with Dawn, some interesting ground stuff including some clicker and also some under saddle walk/halt stuff - it's like riding a greenie (although she's 13).

  6. Ooo, Frizz, hope you'll be telling stories about that one, how fun!

    TDS, that does sound nice!

    Amanda, it could be worse, trying living in TX, ughhhh, I'm never going back there!

    Em and Kate, good luck with the rehab. Just like reconditioning, it IS always tricky finding that perfect balance of challenging to progress, but not pushing too far to cause soreness. God forbid anything be easy!

  7. We've been getting used to all the new - new barn, new friends human and equine, new arenas indoor and out, new monsters in the corner... everything is new. Trying to progress with training without pissing off her hock, which doesn't seem to like the cold and damp. Oh, and prepping for her first show ever and my first in about 10 years. We'll be showing outside, but haven't been able to work there much because of the monsoons... could be interesting!

  8. Oooo, can't wait to hear about the show!!

  9. I retired my showjumper mare to a trail horse.. As the jumping life stressed her out. I couldn't part with her soooo I just prayed really hard that she'd be a fab trail horse and she is! So I'm now on the lookout for a new jumper and get to keep my crazy mare ^^ And it's about high 90s here in Houston -_-