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We Are Flying Solo

October 12, 2010

Can't. Keep. Up.

My time and energy to write is failing to keep up with all the things that are happening! So here is my cop-out with a list and teaser of coming attractions:

We finish our Ecuador trip with the most spectacular day that it is possible to experience inside the wild, amazing Cotopaxi National Park. The expanses of high grass and beautiful silence are simply beyond imagination.

Solo and I choose our new dressage saddle. We do not have it in hand yet, but there are some little English elves hard at work in a factory right now!

We also completed an amazing long format clinic with Becky Holder this weekend, fresh off her beautiful performance with Comet at the WEG's a week ago. Important lessons were learned: (1) Becky Holder has the cutest dog in the world. (2) If one leans forward during steeplechase jumps, carnage ensues (oh, this is a good story, you'll like this one). (3) Solo's booty CAN be engaged to great effect. Thanks to some VERY kind and generous co-clinic-ers, we even have pictures!!

Now, all I need is an eensy bit of free time to write all that in. Waiting....waiting....


  1. Well, it's far better to have an overly-exciting and action-packed life than not!
    Hope you're alright after the tumble. Pain killers and brownies will make everything aaaallll better! ;-)

  2. Haha, thanks, Frizz! No lasting damage. My brownies are currently stale, guess that just means I have to make some more...

  3. Can't wait to hear all about your latest adventures! I'm glad you weren't seriously injured, though.

  4. Thanks, Amanda! I will try to get on that writing -- grrr, I need longer days!

  5. carnage?? Just the word your mother wants to read.... good thing I practice chemistry - otherwise I would have gray hair! Hope all the pieces ended up in their correct place!

  6. Hahaha, don't worry, no pieces were disturbed in the making of this particular wreckage.

  7. It has been an action packed whirlwind of adventure over in eventer79's world.

    I need a nap.

  8. Oh oh, can I join you in whatever peaceful napping spot you find???