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We Are Flying Solo

October 28, 2010

Time To Go

Tomorrow morning sees my rig pointed at the Virginia Horse Center.  I would feel a lot better about it if we hadn't had a CRAP ride tonight.  I blame the fact that I have been on Vicadin and muscle relaxers for two days due to neck pain.  But Solo was a BEAST, argghh. I can only hope that means the next ride will be great.

Our ride times:

Dressage: Saturday at 12:56 pm
Show Jumping: Saturday at 2:02 pm
Cross Country: Sunday at 11:50 am

Our team for the Adult Team Challenge is called "Nuts To You." We had to have a little name change after some registration confusion, but hopefully that is worked out now.

Live scoring may be available here. A link to the horse trials webpage is listed on our calendar.


  1. Very best of luck - and enjoy yourself!

  2. Break a leg!! (Not really, but it's supposed to give you better luck, lol.)

  3. Good luck and travel well. I hope your neck pain goes away and that Solo is on his best horsey behavior.

  4. Fly Solo, fly! :)
    Have a great time. You got all the kinks out beforehand, I'd say!

  5. Hey! I've just read through your blog and I love it! Good luck with your competition :D

  6. Have fun, I will be checking the results.

  7. checked the dressage results - 34.50 - seems like you are right in the middle of the pack.... hope your neck feels better!

  8. Thanks so much everyone! Some of your good juju must have worked!!