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We Are Flying Solo

December 6, 2010

Just Call Me Snow Plow

Although I'm not sure that would have been Solo's choice of moniker, it became so when lifeshighway and I attempted to ride yesterday.  Final score:  snow-dumping trees:  257, eventer79:  0


  1. but it was sooo purdy! Ours didn't stay long enough to ride in, it switched to rain so by Sunday morning it was basically gone, except for a few patches in the shade that still exist since it is still SOOOOO COLD!!!!

  2. It was purdy when it fell down eventer70's neck, I know that.

  3. Oh yeah, you could hear us coming -- me swearing as ice chunks rolled down my neck and lh giggling at her free entertainment session...

  4. That looks cold and horrible, just like here. Poor Solo. ;-) Eventer79 brought it on herself.