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We Are Flying Solo

February 4, 2012

Do You Know Why David O'Brien Is Awesome?

Yeah, he rode around Fair Hill and Rolex and those little events overseas.

Yeah, he coached some Young Riders teams to gold and silver medals in 2009.

Yeah, he and his wife, Lauren have brought home a bit of loot in eventing's upper echelons.

But you know why he is really awesome?  (Aside from putting up with me and my desperate efforts to do everything right at once)

Because he has Smurf love.  And yes, that is the official Area II Indian Smurf, who is entrusted to my custody this year.

Encore has his eyes closed in the presence of greatness.


  1. They really need to just add a like button for posts b/c I really like this! Super jealous as usual too!

  2. I know, Blogger DOES need a like button. Or more like, I need to figure out how to program it in. Sorry....