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We Are Flying Solo

June 2, 2012

(Much Needed) Good Times With Good Friends

While Encore was pacing in his prison alone (so he says), I ran away like a rabbit with fire ants on its tail to the mountains.  The legendary bromance duo of Solo and Pete were reuinited, their love/hate/love no less diminished by time nor distracted by the addition of a lovely TB mare named Kate.

Matched bays survey the top of the mountain.  Crystal riding Kate and of course, lifeshighway riding Solo's incorrigible Arabian best friend, Pete.
The mighty eventer, he is fire, he is speed, he is....oooo, beet pulp!
Old lovers often reunite over...beef jerky. 
A break is the optimal time to mug any immobile humans for plastic bags with food potential.
Did you hear that?  BAG!!!!
Crystal and her mare, Kate, both lovely in the shade.  Kate has an amazing story of being rescued multiple times.  Born a throw-away baby with deformed legs, 13 years later, she is an endurance prospect and Crystal has turned a sour and frightened mare into a good-minded horse with a bold walk and a bright future.
Pete the amazing 50 mile endurance racer.  If a carrot snaps in the woods, HE can hear the sound.
Of course, the smurf must have his moment with the top ten 50-mile racehorse!

What happens when I try to take a picture of Solo while sitting down.
My heart is full, chasing adventure with my partner and friend, and he did well!


  1. Loving the Solo-hawk! Rock it, old dude!

  2. Love Solo's 1920's style fly mask.

    That sounds like a great way to refuel.

  3. Beautiful. I am seething with jealousy. You are so fortunate to have these friends and these kinds of days. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Fun pictures with fun captions!

  5. SB, Solo rejects your label of old! Unless, of course, you meant old-er than his little brother. Then he shall be appeased.

    Val, I can't resist a $2 fly mask. Plus the bonnets make the sweat beast have sweaty head.

    SP, believe me, I am so grateful for them and I treasure each one.

    Amanda, it was a fun weekend!

  6. Looks like a great ride with great company.

  7. I am going to hire you to come to Miami and trim Salem's 'hawk. Do you accept beer as payment? I will even tip with Godiva.

  8. Beer and Godiva? You are on. Although not at the same time.

  9. I am captivated by that fly mask! I didn't know they even made those things anymore. It looks like it would work really well, and yes, be much cooler than a bonnet. Sometimes old-fashioned can be better...

  10. RW, I didn't either! I found them on the clearance page at horseloverz ages ago. It was a pack of 3 and I gave one to lifeshighway. I think she has scorned it as too "flapper" for Pete, though, sigh.