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We Are Flying Solo

January 4, 2014

A Little Video Of Solo And I Playing Bareback In The Winter

I didn't feel like getting the tack out so, I just looped the lead rope around and hopped on.  Sorry, I was so excited about the new indoor I finally completed at the new farm, I forgot my helmet!


In all seriousness, though, Satchmo is and always will be an amazing horse and his partnership with Isabell has that rare quality which surpasses talent and skill and training and resides in the realm of heart and magic.  Enjoy.


  1. That was a real treat. Thanks so much for sharing. Especially enjoyed the tempis - they looked positively joyful. :D

  2. Oh p.s. - all the folks who say it's not possible to be on-the-bit without a bit, need to see this!

  3. ROFL, glad you enjoyed it!

    I think I'm kind of on the fence about the bit thing. Satchmo was of course trained and shown his entire, very rich career with a bit and is being ridden by a woman with an enormously strong and awesome seat and leg. So I couldn't use that as a case for much!

    That said, there are exceptions for every rule.

  4. Fun! Next up, watch for a video of me and C-rage practicing our dressage in a dark indoor with a spotlight and live violin. Plus I have long dutch legs.


  5. Psh, SB, not even interesting unless you have a ground crew with tiki torches!