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We Are Flying Solo

March 11, 2014

I Rode A Horse...Or Two!!

We don't work no more!
It's true, don't believe the rumours -- I sort of remembered how to ride and I didn't fall off!  And it was sunny!!

The horses were caught quite off guard, having come to consider me merely as She Who Bringeth Foods.  So when I put Solo in the cross-ties (I HAVE CROSS-TIES) and put the saddle pad over his back, I could hear his mental, "Whaaaaaaa?"

I think both were pleasantly surprised though -- I finally rode Solo on Flying Solo Farm and It Was Good.  The boys once again dropped a bunch of weight in the move and lost most of their muscle and feet from standing in the mud all winter, but I have lots of hay and finally, daylight!

Solo and I hacked around the top field, said hello to Trainer Neighbour, even did some trot and canter over a telephone pole fencepost I'd brought up.  Mr. Shiny and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, although I regretted not putting the spurs on, I really should know better after 8 years!!!!

It was well into the 70's though, and none of us have any condition to speak of, so it was short and sweet, but the footing was excellent:  my soil shopping paid off indeed considering our Icepocalypse 27 on Friday.  Already on a roll, I simply traded horses and took Encore up on the longe to stretch his legs.  I expected racehorse, but he was rather pleasantly blase about it all.  Some stretchy trot, some canter that needs its butt back, and Bob's yer uncle.

But the best part of all (well, ok, maybe tied for best) was putting the horses up, throwing out hay...and walking 45 seconds to the back door.  Wow.  I went back up the to feed shed to get something and returned to the house again - just because I could.

My brain and body are fried.  Even writing this requires a pitiful dragging of each staggering sentence out of its slumber, but we're actually there.  Here.  Even the inside is starting to look a little bit more like a home.

Thanks, BFF, it never would have gotten painted without you!!


  1. This! This is just so exciting to hear! I agree this post just makes me happy.

  2. Yup, my heart is happy for you!! :D

  3. Awesome!

    What about Bob's uncle?

  4. Yay! Things are coming together! (Love the gray walls!)

  5. Thank you -- I am sorry I have not been a better blogger. Exhaustion does not begin to cover it.

    Val: Urban Dictionary can help you out, hee -

    Austen, thanks! I was really excited about the colour, I found it online, it's a blue/green/grey and is bluer in the morning, greener in the evening. It changes with light and surroundings, I adore it!

  6. Hurray! That sounds blissful. :)

    I am curious, though - where are the crossties? Across the short end of your barn-like structure?

    LOVE the paint color, it's super-cool!

  7. Thanks! And RW, I'll have to post a picture of what the run-in looks like now. The cross-ties are mounted on posts I set at 12' apart under the roof.