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We Are Flying Solo

May 3, 2015

Don't Expect Sentences In Satuday's So8ths 3DE Update Of Blogger-Exploding Epicness

Moar prize oogling!  Thanks, of course, to all these people & more:

Mary Ellen at Logorific did a fantastic job on the long banners!!

A better picture of Beka's surprise that made me sniffle:

It's been my nametag decoration...
Meghann went overboard & sent beautiful certificates & a sample for display:

The lovely banners will frame tonight's Derby party & dinner display in the little indoor out back:

And the reason I do it, the reason you all need to do it...

N3DE XC: Jodie Stowell & Island Fever lock on to the stone wall

If Becky's picked her #1... (N3DE rider Alcy Christie & Abraxis in the Phase C Assist box)

N3DE:  Sabine Desper & Adamek pause for their super crew!

Solo's Minon Erica looks like she got the temp check job in the 10-minute box! (who else stands at the horse's butt?)

Amanda Miller-Atkins & Barley clear N3DE gorgeous XC Fence 1

N3DE Julia Burke jogs Davignio for the Ground Jury before proceeding to Phase D:  XC!

N3DE Ann Bower & Prosecco (also "Best Turned Out" for their division jogs!) clear the XC Frame because this.  Donkey Hode (who won Best Conditioned over all divisions!), currently in 2nd place in the N3DE explains it all, walking back to the barn with an equine smile.
Because it's just zen, man...


  1. congrats on a solid event so far!

    1. Thanks!! There is so much more, but brain is reduced to amoeba-state & now my boss expects me to work at work, geez!!

  2. Replies
    1. As Minion put it perfectly, "YOU get a prize, and YOU get a prize, and YOU get a prize!" We loved being prize Oprah!!

  3. Quick edit, the appy is Jodie Stowell and Island Fever, who were 4th in the N3D. What, your drunk housemates were keeping you from paying attention to the minute details distinguishing two spotted horses after an 18 hr day??? :)

    1. Apparently writing while comatose doesn't work even when you are the only sober one... ;)

    2. Although, I don't see any mistakes up there!

  4. I have a quick question that I haven't been able to find the answer to. Under qualifications to compete at the So8ths 3DE it says you must have completed (with a numerical score ;)) four recognized horse trials in your division. Is that in the year prior or just four period?

    1. Excellent question!! For N & BN, you are correct, you just have to finish 4 with a number (3 digits still counts!), with the same horse you plan to enter.

      As I tell everyone, ALWAYS READ YOUR RULE BOOK, but I know USEF makes that a challenge sometimes (that's my disclaimer), but I believe you only have to complete one of those within the six months prior to the 3DE. The time period may have changed, see above disclaimer, LOL.

      It is only for a T3DE that you must get NQR's that meet scoring criteria (i.e. no jump penalties on XC, no triple digits, sigh), hence my failure thus far to achieve that (oh & the unmentionable amount of money to ENTER 4 T recognized events -- or more if you have an oops).

      So, for example, if I ran either of my horses at one BN or N HT this spring (& they were magically fitted up by fairies while I was on work travel), they would have been qualified a the two lower levels. Ok, well, Encore only at N, b/c I only did one BN recognized with him since the jumps were not even speed bumps for him & I was terrified he was going to step in the ditch b/c it was too small for him to notice so I moved him up immediately.

      There is your TMI answer for the day! Clear as mud?

    2. Yep. Clear as those ugly chocolate diamonds that the jewelry people are trying to get people to buy! Thanks!

    3. Well now I want to know what the heck a chocolate diamond is? Are they flavoured now to try & get people not to notice the African kids in diamond mines with their hands chopped off??? *boggled*