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We Are Flying Solo

January 1, 2010

I Am A Sheep

I'm not much for "New Year's Resolutions" but in this instance, for the record, I am going to follow the flock and bleat out some goals for 2010.

We will:

-Complete at least two recognized events at the Novice level, one being the Adult Team Challenge this August at Waredaca.

-Get through a dressage test at a competition in such a way that the judge is not left with an obvious impression that both my horse and I have our teeth clenched in distaste.

-Figure out what the heck is going on with Solo's back feet so we can move back to barefoot land back there.

-Gallop and jump through the woods with the wind in our hair and bugs stuck in our respective grins.

-Give thanks every day for the amazing partnership we share (well, I will, Solo probably just gives thanks for carrots and hay) and the incredible gift of Solo and his huge, kind, generous, brave, red heart.

What are YOUR hopes for your 2010 journey??


  1. To rehabilitate my horse enough to be competitive. To hopefully not have to do more hock injections (happy new year on the first round). To travel new places and explore new adventures.

  2. Oooo, oooo, we would like to volunteer to be traveling companions!

  3. To get back to riding as much as I should be (since I seem to have gotten derailed somewhere here), to master that canter, to show at least once this season.

  4. Derailing happens, here's to picking up the torch again!

  5. 1. Move back to Maine (yes, I'm moving back simply for my barn....)

    2. Get a TB off the track and begin training!!

    Only two goals, but big ones!