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We Are Flying Solo

January 15, 2010

My New Best Friend

Maybe it's premature to rank them so highly, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE Solo's new shoes! Farrier was out yesterday -- we've been experimenting, trying to find a set of shoes that will fit Mr. Goldilocks "just right" and stop his forging ways.

My apologies, it's not the best picture, but it's the best you get from a phone with no flash in a stall at night! But up front he now has Natural Balance shoes with a wedge heel and we also put a slightly shorter shoe on the back -- he was having issues with the longer trailers we tried in the back, so those came off, yay!

End result, rode him lightly last night and he did GREAT! Not a single clinky forge to be had. And we incorporated our homework of adding a few 15 m canter circles -- and on the right lead (easy one) coming out of that circle, he sat down in the prettiest little uphill canter you ever saw.

Me = satisfied again. Anal hoof staring abated for the time being. Ok, you're right, I probably will still stare, but my eyes will be slightly less narrow now.


  1. Thanks! The aluminum wedges were pretty good but not QUITE enough breakover. Trial and error, I guess!

  2. My big mare goes in Natural Balance shoes (no wedge) in front (bare in back) - I think the breakover is helpful and the shoe is also supportive. Glad they're working for you!

  3. We have a TB gelding that we put in the NB shoes, great result. Was forging and losing shoes in the pasture with a regular shoe. He does not have the wedge, but we do square off the toe as well to help with the rollover.