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We Are Flying Solo

January 23, 2010


So I'm at the farm the other night. Solo's feeder is a triangular bin in the corner of his stall, so a few pellets always get crammed in the corners where he can't reach them. Being an OCD horse mom, I pick them out & move them out to the middle so he can finish them. So, I peek in to the feeder to see if any are in there. And I see...



Blink blink.

I know I am crazy, but I swear to god there are a couple bits of broccoli on Solo's plate.

I look up at BO. I look back at feeder.

Blink blink.

Ok, yes, definitely broccoli in there.

I look back at BO. I ask hesitantly, lest my insanity become blatantly obvious.

"Um. Has Solo been eating broccoli?" I am sure that I must be having yet another very strange dream.

BO (laughing): "Oh, LOL, DH (who is an avid gardener) had a bunch of leftover broccoli & cauliflower the other night so he brought it up to the horses for a treat."

Me: "Ohhhhhh..."

Yes, my horse, the giant food snob, who won't even eat peppermints because they are not Horse Food, has spat out cucumber and banana and watermelon all with equal distaste, apparently cleaned up a plate of broccoli & cauliflower, as evidenced by the sprigs left behind.

Who knew that Solo had such a taste for salad? What's next - cherry tomatoes? Beets? Rutabegas? I am going to have to talk to BO about random veggies in the food as they can cause gas colic...

What kind of crazy stuff does YOUR horse love?


  1. How funny!

    Pandora is pretty picky - she loves peppermints but turns her nose up at a lot of other foods. McKinna is a HUGE fan of watermelon, though. Some friends of ours once brought in extra pieces of some cool kind of watermelon with orange flesh.

    McKinna gobbled it up and had all kinds of foamy orange and green slobber on her lips...she looked like some sort of swamp monster :)

  2. Jackson will do anything, and I mean ANYTHING for an animal cracker. He will also knock over small children who are eating animal crackers, so there is a warning that goes with eating them around him.

  3. When animals eat animal crackers, does that make them cannibals?

    mm, swamp monster mental picture = priceless!!!

  4. Salem adores tiny frosted cupcakes, but I'm sure he wouldn't turn his nose up at giant frosted cupcake. *drools* Mmmmmmm, cuuupcaaaakes...
    (Then again, he also tries to eat dog food and cat food)

  5. Ah, see I never let him eat the horse ones! No true cannibalism happening on my watch!

  6. Whew. The tiny dough horses thank you for your vigilance! Frizz, cupcakes...that's a new one!

  7. I cannot get over the idea of Solo eating broccoli. I felt the world move a little off its axis.

    And all the good things I have offered him in the past, too!

  8. Equinox cookies (mostly molasses and flax as far as I can tell) are good. Apples, especially granny smiths, are great. Carrots are awesome. But the ultimate is green grapes, especially the more tart ones. Bananas and mints are definitely on the "no thank you" list.

  9. I KNOW, lh!

    Ohh, sum, grapes are a good one, although I am sure those would be roundly rejected by His Shiny Red Highness, as well.

  10. Wow! Broccoli, really!?
    My boy LOVES peppermint, like anything that has that crackily plastic wrapper sound means "Peppermints?!" to him.
    He likes graham crackers and Flax meal too. :)
    Oh..and sometimes likes to lick coffee off my hand but I hardly allow that being he's got a TB sensitive tummy

  11. Hahah, KES, perhaps he needs a little morning caffeine!