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We Are Flying Solo

September 14, 2010

I Must Interject...

Because today, I am very happy and very very sad.

Very happy because the saddle fitter worked on Solo's saddles for two hours yesterday and they feel better.  We also jump schooled tonight and I actually remembered to use David's tips from our last jumping lesson and Solo jumped very well. 

Very very sad because yesterday, our BO's lovely young Thoroughbred, Ben, colicked and went into the clinic in a lot of pain. Early yesterday evening, he was put down. I had a feeling he wouldn't be coming back when I saw him yesterday; I stopped next to my truck, turned around, and walked up the hill to rub his face and give him a pat before he left. Now I'm glad I did. We will miss his charming face and curious inquiries into every barn activity. At only 4.5 years old, he was bursting with potential and enthusiasm and had an excellent mind for work and life.

Go out and hug all your ponies -- I am constantly reminded that each day with our special partners is a wonderful gift and not a single one of those days is a guarantee. Cherish every minute and take the time to just enjoy their friendship. Even the toughest athletes among them are such fragile creatures when the ugly colic monster rears its head. All we can do is try to stuff ourselves so full of their love that it will carry us through...


  1. that's so sad :(
    i had a horse die unexpectedly of colic too, it's awful how it just turns up unexpectedly!

  2. I'm so sorry. That is a sad loss for your barn.

  3. My best friends horse just got over a really severe colic. He laid down with his saddle on and everything just after she had jumped off to see what was wrong. He's fine now, but not everyone is so lucky... I'm sorry to hear about that.

  4. Ben was a great horse and I had the privilege of knowing him. He passing is a tragedy. My heart go out to BO and I have my boy and extra hug last night.

  5. That's so sad. To think I had been feeling self pity after retiring a horse due to unsoundness at the age of fifteen, when in reality, I should be happy because he's happy and he's still in my life.

  6. Oh young, so sad. I almost lost my horse to colic/ i hug him everytime I see him. Every time.

  7. Thanks for your kind thoughts, I will pass them on to Ben's mom.

  8. Ben was a gorgeous boy and it looks like he was given the life of Riley by your BO. I'm sure he is grateful for the care and love that she gave him. Unfortunately, sometimes our best efforts just aren't enough. I'm sure she's heartbroken right now, but hopefully she will eventually think more about all of the wonderful moments they shared, instead of the tragedy of his loss. You're right, we just never know when we'll lose our four-legged friends. I've been through this myself; and while it was heartwrenching and traumatizing, I came through it and can now think of Mac with a smile instead of tears.
    Hugs to you & the BO!