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We Are Flying Solo

September 29, 2010

A Brief Update

I will interject again with a brief Solo update!  Because this is the Solo blog!  So I must talk about Solo!

Hmmm, I think my blood sugar is too low and it makes me crazy(er than normal).

So, since we have a ton of stuff coming up in October, including big horse trial, our dressage saddle decided to enter the phase of catastrophic-failure-to-fit-at-all. Fitter (#4) tried valiantly for a total of about five hours. Bless her. It is now to the phase of adequate-but-still-kinda-sucky (these are scientifically verified phases, I swear). To my dismay and horror, we must (a) replace saddle or (b) not ride.

Since (b) will result in descent into never-ending despair that terminates only with inability to keep breathing, I am forced to choose (a).

Now I must find the perfect dressage saddle before October 28th. And in all, likelihood, I will have to ride in the sucky one at our clinic coming up next weekend. Argh. The timing on these things...

Other than that, Operation Belly Burner has been 95% completed with success. Our hemoglobin problem is under construction, Dr. Bob has declared our supplement choice an excellent one after reading the ingredients and we are due to check blood count in late October. Solo's feet are hanging in there, surviving a dry Carolina late summer by the grace of Keratex.

I still think we are going to need fairy dust to get October to go off the way I'd like it to!


  1. I wish my operation belly burner was 95% complete.

    I wait in excited anticipation in what saddle you choose to replace the hated inadequate one.

  2. I hope you got my warning message!

  3. Saddle fit is such a problem - I'm riding bareback right now because Dawn and I are having difficulty finding a saddle that fits!

  4. Eeeeeeek! The dreaded, evil Saddle Fit Plague seems to be sweeping the nation. What a dissapointment. Good luck!

  5. I got your message and I got a case of severe envy, It required candy pumpkins to fix.

  6. Ugggh, Kate, sorry to hear that! Isn't it awful? I pretty much hate saddles in general right now.

    lh, glad to hear you had medication on hand.

  7. Oh no, saddle shopping. I hope you find a good one quickly. I have been swamped with work and haven't been able to view your trip photos, but I'm planning on it. Don't want to miss those.

  8. Thanks, OUAE! I think we may have found success....more later.....