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We Are Flying Solo

September 1, 2010

Run Away, Run Away!

It's T-36 hours-ish until Ecuador Adventure 2010 begins!  Which means Flying Solo will be, uh, not so flying for a whole week.

I could be like a real blogger & write several posts & then set them on timers so it looks like I'm really blogging. But let's face it, ain't gonna happen.

I'm checking & re-checking the passport, looking up the weather for Otavalo (where the ride starts) for the 37th time -- like Weather Underground will accurately be able to predict equatorial weather at 10,000 feet above sea level. *snort*

I'll have two enormous memory cards in the camera, so if the gods are kind, I hope to have many exciting things to show you when I get back.  I left Solo in good hands, although I shall miss him TERRIBLY & I will be wishing every step that I was riding him instead.  The bad part about owning your own horse is that other horses then never quite measure up....

Everyone stay out of trouble until mid-September, at which point I expect you will all have new & exciting horse tales to share that I missed out on! Till then, get out there, hug a pony, & enjoy the music of hoofbeats on dirt; there is surely no better note in the symphony of days.


  1. Have a great trip. Looking forward to the pics.

  2. Have fun, stay safe, and take lots of pics for the trip-deprived among us!! *waves*

  3. Have loads of fun! i wish I was out there! Hopefully, what with Earl about to crash through my front door, I will not have any stories to tell...
    Have fun, and take LOTS of pictures!!!!

  4. Thank you, and Alana, be careful!!

  5. Ooooooo, I'm sure many crazy adventures await you in the wilds of Ecuador! Will you be riding all day? If so, I hope you packed some Comfy Rumps padded underwear and Anti-Monkey-Butt Powder!! Lol. ;-) Have a grand time and make sure you take 80,000 pics to share with us poor non-traveling souls!