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We Are Flying Solo

July 16, 2011

A Day At The Farm

First, if you didn't already catch it on Eventing Nation, I MUST share the utter brilliance fellow blogger Anastasia posted over at Team Taco!

The Five Stages Of Lameness

I think I am working my way through "depression" and on to "acceptance."  Well, if it's been a good day, LOL -- that means I'm almost to the part where the horse is healed, right???

Because today was a good day.  Well, it didn't start out that way, but it improved!  It was a beautiful summer day, the kind you don't think can happen in the Carolinas, with a perfect breeze and a marked absence of marrow-roasting heat.  Between hoofbeats, I caught the strange, heady scent of ripe, sun-warmed tobacco leaves as we trotted between the carefully planted rows of deep green.  Even the squirrels moved slowly, as if they to were trying to savor this unlikely weather.

Moxie and Danny:  Did you see that?
Solo:  Grazing time's a-wastin'.

Things IN the barn were not quite so peaceful. The yearly crop of barn swallows has nearly molted out and were demanding their insect lunches. As they perched precariously on nest and rafter edges, I warned sternly of the feline danger that lurked below. Kids. They never listen.

Nest mothers take a break for gossip.


We no skeered.  No need parentz.
I dunno, man, it's a long way down.
Yeah.  Like, really far.

If catz, he comez, I PECKZ himz.


  1. The bird pictures are too cute!

  2. Your captions for the birds are the greatest things ever. I'm loosing it!

  3. ROFL, they had the funniest little expressions! I hope some of them escape with their lives this year, they are cutenesses.

  4. is his mane roached? also, funny captions :)

  5. Thanks for the shout out! Love the bird pics and captions- lol!

  6. Heeeheee, baby barn swallows are adorable! Love the captions :)

  7. Check, yep, Solo always sports the mohawk!

  8. Love the birds! And your commentary.

  9. Aww, baby birdies! The pictures are fantastic, and Solo looks so happy :)

  10. Haha, Kate, he is quite happy in his favourite pasture complete with pond!

  11. Great description of a beautiful day. I could almost smell the scents and feel the breeze. Sounds lovely.

    Adorable swallow pics. We've got 5 swallow babies in our barn; they look like they are overflowing their nest. I keep thinking any day now they are gonna fly. But maybe not. They've got a good thing going as long as mom and dad keep delivering the groceries.

  12. Exactly, UOAE, why break out if free meals keep arriving??