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We Are Flying Solo

August 18, 2012

Make Your Horse Kinetic

Encore had an excellent lesson with our beloved David O. this morning and I am busy downloading and uploading and sideloading our videos!  Thank you to the most awesome Sue for not only organizing the lesson series, but letting Encore and I come up and have a mini-vacation at her beautiful farm.  We hit the galloping lanes on Friday to take the edge off, explored the XC fields, and then got to leap (sometimes more enthusiastically then others) over her lovely show jumps.

I can't wait any longer, though, to post a remarkable summary of horse training that David gave during one of Sue's lessons (the woman has THREE horses going right now, I have to nap just thinking about it).  Meditate upon it and make it your zen:

Forward is not fast.
Forward is creating the energy.
Collection is harnessing the energy.
Extension is releasing the energy.


  1. Very cool (both the fire horse and the ideas). Can't wait for more!

  2. Looking "forward" to the visuals and love the quote. :)

  3. It's the David O Forwardness Haiku (well, not quite, but close enough). Can't wait for the vids. :-)

  4. It is almost a haiku, isn't it? The long process of video editing continues, hope to have some for you tonight!