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We Are Flying Solo

February 13, 2013

Until...Spring Training Awesomeness!

Or at least it will be awesome if I can get my mess together...

I'm sure that you regularly study our posted calendar in the sidebar and, while doing so, have noticed our upcoming "Spring Training Surprise."  While making notes of our plans in your diary (right??), you surely have been dying of curiosity.

Rest easy, for the time of knowing is here.

Solo is skeptical of Becky's body demo...
The Most Excellent Mother has given us an amazing opportunity as a gift:  those ten magical days you see delineated will be spent by Encore and I with none other than  She Who We Worship And Stalk At Our Events, Becky Holder.  I only got to spend two days with her at a long format clinic after WEG late in 2010, but she did wonderful things for Solo.  It was a pipe dream of mine to take Encore to her, but thanks to this generosity, it is looking very very real very very soon!

Plans (oh, apparently I have not yet learned to not make these) are for Encore to stay at the lovely Southern Eighths Farm, where we cliniced with Becky previously, and then I will trailer him a short distance up the road to Becky's winter farm for our lessons.  Gunnar Ostergaard, the dressage trainer who has taught Becky to be arguably the best dressage rider in our sport, will also be teaching there for two days during our stay.  I opted to audit any lessons he will be giving, as riding with him ranked somewhere in the stratosphere, price-wise, but I think this works out well, as it offers Encore at least a day off in the middle and a chance for me to sit and absorb and process.

Becky and Scrappy, the cutest eventing dog evah!
Horsewise, the big brown charmer got prepped by Dr. Bob yesterday; his back is doing well, his hips and hindquarters have healed their injury and are doing much better, and his teeth, which were working on some hooks, are repaired to a normal, non-poky state.  I hope to be able to strengthen him some more before we go IF IT WILL EVER STOP RAINING, sigh.

Personwise, wellllll, that might be a bit harder.  It's all a big hot mess and my PT has his work cut out for him.  I gave him his deadline upon which the knee must be ready or not, but apparently no one told said knee, who decided to implode painfully on us last week, setting me back to simple range-of-motion work.  Hopefully, when I return there Friday, we will be able to get back on track -- I still can't quite get up to my XC stirrup length, but I only have one hole to go.  

Don't ever tear up your moving bits:  PT informs me that going into ANY joint generally means a year to really, truly recover, even though you may not be in therapy for that long.  With a giant cartilage tear, well, that's not coming back but that's why they invented ice and Advil, eh?  Good thing this is all free.  Oh wait, it's not.  Good thing I like noodles!


  1. Wow! What an awesome gift! I love your mom!

  2. Amazing!!! Sending healing powers to your knee!!

  3. Me too, Suzanne, me too!

    Thanks, T -- it's gonna be getting some tough love, ha!

  4. Can't wait to hear about this clinic!! Sounds like your mom is working on mother of the year!

  5. Amazing gift, so excited to hear updates! Hope your knee feels workable they have you wearing/riding in a brace of any kind? If not, is it worth a shot for the extra support?

  6. Noodles ftw. If you didn't live 30-something hours away, I'd soooo come take pictures. :)

  7. She is amazing!

    Promise, I could wear a small brace when riding as ortho suggested. However, increasing dependency on the brace is what got me in trouble before, so I am trying to stay away from that. Since the actual ligaments and tendons are uninjured, bracing offers little benefit really as it cannot stop things from grinding against the tear. So for now, I am just working on getting things as strong as I can.

    SB, aren't they the best food ever?? The Awesome Amber is going to come take some pics for us for a day or two. Maybe I will sidle up to random people whistling and holding out camera while looking the other way?

  8. Darlin', PLEASE take care of your knee....and have a wonderful time on your adventure...wish I could take the week off work to provide photography coverage. sending lots of love

  9. What, were ya afraid I would blab?! ;-) Lol.

    Congrats and I can't wait to see/hear about your instruction, torture, and enlightenment.

    P.S. WHEN is your mom going to give my mom lessons in Giving Your Daughter Tons of Awesome Stuff?!?! Maybe she could make it a full-on symposium so others can benefit, as well.

  10. ROFL, Frizz, no, it just came next - I can't say "until...." and then change the subject! Don't worry, I am confident there will be much torture. I am pretty adapted to David's circles of death know that I know the routine, but Becky takes it to a whole new dimension of "why don't you have tireless awesome muscles like me?"

    You'll have to ask mum about the seminar, that made me LOL. Maybe you could make it a tour and syndicate it!