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We Are Flying Solo

March 7, 2013

A Run-By News-ing

Encore appears to be back to pretty much normal, eating and behaving like himself.  If I pinch his neck skin, recovery still seems a tiny bit slower than Solo's, but I only put about half-credence in that as I've done plenty of tests on that procedure in that past and found it wildly variable.  At least everything seems to be functioning normally and he doesn't appear to have any immediate plans to drop dead on me moments before we leave town.  Although he is still a horse...

What's everyone stressing about?  Chill, peeps.
I've gotten, mmmm, pretty much nothing done on my "to do" list, given aforementioned horse paranoia and driving about the state for work.  It has rained, snowed, sleeted, and blown my truck nearly into the ditch this week, although of course, at the moment, it is sunny and quiet.  Till I leave the office, I am sure...

A beautiful weekend awaits, however, so I will be cleaning and packing and shopping and staring and scratching my head trying to put together the puzzle of ten days worth of food/gear/clothes/whatever.  At least if I get desperate, we will only be two hours away.  Diesel prices are crushing, but it can be done!

Solo is busy shedding, so despite what the atmosphere tells me, it is apparently spring.  Are you getting ready?  Daydreaming counts...


  1. Glad he is doing better. I am jealous of your horsey escapade but am still woman enough to wish you a great time!!!

  2. Thanks, Amy! As long as he stays better, although I have no doubt he will find more ways to raise my blood pressure!

  3. OH we are SO ready. Spring really can't come soon enough! Realizing we're less than 2 months away from our first show of the season has got me quite distracted from that day-job I have! So many lists and plans to make!

  4. Exciting, SP!!! Can't wait to see new Junior pics!

  5. Have a wonderful, fabulous, full-of-laughter-and-unquenchable joy kind of weekend. Wishing I could be there to help document you!

  6. Thank you! It wouldn't even happen without your help and don't worry, Amber is coming to take pics because she is awesome!