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We Are Flying Solo

October 29, 2011

It Only Takes 30 Minutes To Feed The Horses

Especially on a cold, rainy evening.  There's only six of them, easy, right? Bring horses in, dump the feed, turn them back out, done!

Except the water on the beet pulp's gone cold and I want to run some hot water in there.

Except since it's raining and 45 degrees, I want to put a rain sheet on Solo.

Except he's got festy gnat bites on his belly that won't heal and I want to clip around them and spray tea tree oil on there.

Then I decide to go ahead and clip his back white foot because the fungus is always attacking.

Then I need to smear some more desitin on that foot anyway.

Then I need to take Solo's rain sheet off of Encore and put it on Solo.

Now Encore gets Solo's mid-weight blanket because it's not QUITE cold enough for his winter blanket but he's skinny so he needs more than a sheet.

Then Danny needs his sheet because it's wet and cold.

Danny and Solo can finally go out but now I have three leftovers.

Tigger's pasturemate is out of town and he can't stay alone. I can put Tigger with Pete and Encore but now they all need their own hay piles.

Except there are no open hay bales so now I need to climb the stack in the extra stall and roll a couple down.

Then I need to take hay out to each horsey so no one feels left out.

Then I have to scrub all the feed buckets so they are ready for the next morning.

Then I discover Tigger and Pete both left presents in their stalls for me.

Then I need to sweep up fallen hay and make sure everyone has water.

An hour and a half later, I can finally go home.


  1. This sounds like me on every crappy weather day we have. It is like a crazy, wet, juggling act that I am sure the horses find throughly entertaining.

  2. This sounds like me! It takes me 45 minutes to feed two horses, lol.

  3. My husband just laughs when I say I'm going out to the barn for a "few minutes."

  4. I have never gone to the barn for less than 1 hour and thirty minutes, regardless of what I needed to do. The barn is a black hole (of work and fun) and my watch ceases to work as soon as I reach the driveway to horseland.

  5. Hahha, yessss, I am not the only one who gets sucked into the zone where space-time ceases to exist!

    Lisa, I think you win!

  6. Yes, there is definitely a black hole in the barn, even though it's only a few feet from my house. How does this happen???

  7. Jen, the only thing I can figure out is that horse atoms conglomerate to form a wormhole, into which we are temporarily transported when we enter the building. Their gravitational force has a half-life of at least an hour and only then does it weaken enough for us to break free.

  8. Tee hee...amazing how time flies when you're doing barn chores. I wish the clock moved that fast when I'm at my day job.

  9. Ha, the same happens to me every single night. Not so bad in the morning when I know that I have to get all the chores done timely so I can get to work on time. My barn is my zen so I figure the more time I spend out there relaxing the better off I am.

  10. It's true, "Barn Time" bears no relation to the actual time/space continuum! :-)

  11. The zen -- perfect, that is EXACTLY what it is. Time stops mattering and you can just be.