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We Are Flying Solo

October 14, 2011

It's Hard Work Being This Cool

Decked out and patched together in a mayhem of, let's call it "repurposing," with a touch of shabby chic.

Rockin' Solo's old sneaks for happy hoofies.

Why yes, that is a stirrup leather tied together with hay string to make a bombin' neck strap!

The black tape gives you ninja powers.  My sports medicine guy likes experiments...


  1. Shabby chic translates two ways. Ghetto, or redneck. Either way I am totally on board lol!!!
    Love the 'sexy'-tape leg pic! kinesio tape?

  2. Haha, yes, my old friend kinesiotape! Dang, I have to pick either ghetto or redneck? Hmmmm, how about "rurally-oriented creativity?"

  3. Nothing like outfitting two horses on a budget. ;-) Way to do it in style.

  4. That's me, SB, nothing but mad style!