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We Are Flying Solo

September 30, 2012

Shhhhh, Did You Hear That?

It was nearly like the sound of a new post forming.  This only counts as half of one though.  I must apologize for a quiet summer; field work is rather like being slowly eaten alive, yet still-half enjoyable?  And the universe continues its focused plan to smoosh me, but fails as yet...

Solo has been finessing his guilt skills, trying to push his nose into the halter hole when I get Encore.  I take him out for a trail ride or a work session when I can, but there is so little time.  He has lost all that hard-won muscle and I'm a bit sad on the trail, where he stumbles and tires easily compared to the muscle-bound athlete he was before.  Before everything changed.  I look at him now and am frustrated, I want more for him but my plan to bring him back to shape this winter ended before it even began.  I can read his frustration too, we know each other too well.  But he will be my rehab horse in a couple of months, so I have hope yet to pique his interest.

Our barn wall speaks truth.
Encore and I have our final practice run this weekend in Southern Pines; next stop the Adult Team Challenge in VA.  We've joined up with three of our fellow Adult Riders to make a kickass team, so look out, because Team "Smurf Cocktail" will be looking to burn up the leaderboard!  If I can manage not to do anything stupidly obvious, perhaps Encore can bring home his own giant ribbon...

Dr. Bob comes up on Tuesday for a pre-flight chiro adjustment.  Encore's left hip has gotten tight again, which I have learned means that some cracking and re-rotating is in order.  For us both, funnily enough, I see mine tomorrow morning, ha.  I will do my best to assure that we are in our finest fighting form. 

Because October is already here, with November on its heels.  By the time I hit the O.R., I'll be broke and exhausted, but there will be plenty of time to nap later and no lessons to pay for for quite some time.  So I'll live right now, thank you.


  1. I have a sad mental piccie of the Solo-man trying to sneak his head into Encore's halter. Here's hoping you can bring him back a little bit once your knee is back to behaving itself. Good luck next weekend at S.P.! Regarding the next one, Lexington is only a couple hours away from me, I'd love to head over and be part of your cheering squad -- if you need or want one. :)

  2. OMG, that would be sweet! My BFF was supposed to come, but her schedule is crazy, so I told her don't bother. You are more than welcome to join TFS for the day or camp for the weekend, it's going to be a lot of fun -- our team is fun peeps. I camp in truck shell b/c it's huge and insulated and I have a heater, but I always keep a tent in there too.

  3. Good luck!

    Here's hoping time slows down for you a bit so you can fit in all the horsey stuff you need!

  4. Alright, call me stoopid, but what exactly are you headed to the OR about? Your back? (Not sure how I missed this but I'm sorry I wasn't paying better attention)

    I have no doubt that Solo will take good care of Gimpy Mom when you're ready.

  5. RW, the surgery is for the knee injury that was a result of our Giant Disaster at VAHT last May.