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We Are Flying Solo

April 4, 2013

I Want To Go For A Walk

I'm  not dead, I swear.

I just need a clone to get all my stuff done.  Should be easy enough, right?

But Dr. Bob took care of Encore and injected his back for me yesterday.  I'll bring him back to the long lines on Sunday and go from there and with any luck, we'll be back to golden for Longleaf.

Speaking of long lines, the videos from Becky's magical training session with Encore are up!  Thank you so much to Amber; this is quite possibly the most valuable tool I took from those two weeks.

It is currently raining ice (WTF, sky, it's April?!) so...I guess I'll just wait 30 minutes to see what season is up next. 


  1. Thanks for posting the long lining videos. Good ones are a rare find.

    I have a suggestion. When my horse is on a circle, sometimes I put both lines in one hand and hold the whip with my free hand. This allows me to keep the energy moving forward from behind and into a steady hand. As long as you stay on the circle, you should not have to adjust the lines very much and your horse can fill up the reins just like he would under saddle. I also find this easier when using the whip. Line management is the most difficult aspect of long lining or double lungeing, in my opinion.

  2. You're welcome, Val! And I've been experimenting and holding the whip the way Becky does (behind her like a dressage whip) and that is working pretty well so far. Interestingly, in the long lines, Encore is much more forward then usual (I think he is still a bit unsure of what he is supposed to do) so the whip in front of me is too much pressure for now. That is a good suggestion though and once he gets steadier on the circle, I might give it a try (or trip myself, LOL!).