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We Are Flying Solo

April 19, 2013

Just Keep It Clean

That is my goal for this weekend, as Encore and I head out to compete at Longleaf Pines Horse Trials.  It may be our only recognized horse trials this year; medical bills and other things demand my meager resources.  But Longleaf has always been my favourite, for some reason, so I entered it anyway.

Do this plz.
With the generous help of the Amazing Amber and lodging thanks to the Awesome Alison, we will be attempting  to make centerline resemble something straight-ish as I remember to breathe and Encore banishes all thoughts of llamas at 1:09 pm on Saturday.  After our mandatory sandbox prancing pattern, we'll shed our drab accoutrements and gear up for the start box at 3:46 pm.  Stadium jumping will be Sunday in reverse order of placing.

I also have a very cool surprise to show you -- it shall be making its unveiling tomorrow!

Everyone's ride times and an approximate show jumping schedule can be found here.  I know I will be keeping on eye on Becky and RJ (Telperion) in Training!

You can follow us (although if I have a giant brain absentia incident, just pretend you didn't...) on the live scores here.

Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in...butterfly!


  1. Seems you guys must have had a good XC round--If I'm reading correctly, just .8 time faults or something like that? Hope you had a great time out there and fingers crossed for a double clear tomorrow! :-D

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  3. I am sure that you guys will do awesome!!! Good luck!

  4. Thank you for your kind wishes. Withdrawn after XC due to sore butt muscles (horse's, not rider's). Dressage test apocalyptic due to horse giving rider the I-can't-hear-you treatment. :\

  5. Oh no! :-/ Well, at least you got to run XC--how did that go?
    Encore is turning into quite the little dive! Now it seems "ass massage" is on his list for pre-event necessities? Next, he will be demanding a bowl of all-blue M&Ms!

  6. Good effort!! Looking forward to the post weekend report. :D

  7. Frizz, only if I get a brain massage!

  8. Meant that to be "diva," lol. Well, in lieu of a brain massage, you could just throw back an adult beverage or two--your brain will be relaxed in no time!