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We Are Flying Solo

July 19, 2013

In Which Apologetic Blogger Is Apologetic Again

Maybe I should rename the blog, ha.  But I am sorry, I have not been able to write much for quite some time.  The process of pulling the farm together has been a road of a million steps, although at least now, much of the legwork for the house construction is done.  The job and the rest of  life, along with trying to keep Encore strong through his back and hind end (success!) during busy season, just eats me alive!

I have so many posts floating around in my head, in draft form, on a list, but it's so hard to get them from that rather scary place to here.  I know that those of you who spend a lot of time writing know what I mean:  in order to write something meaningful, that I believe in and can read without cringing or falling asleep, the vibe has to be right, for lack of a better description.  Energy, time, mojo, and heart have to come together for the creation. 

It feels as if things are coming together on the farm front, although once construction starts, that just a whole new road with its own set of steps!  But I remain hopeful that as we move into fall, I'll be able to get some more writing in and have less crises to deal with. 

Up next though, hang tight for a contest!  You can win your very own Absorbine TryPak to make your very own shiny steed -- I hope to have details up this weekend, so keep an eye out and be a winner!!


  1. We know what it is like to be busy. Glad to hear that the house/farm plans are still moving forward!

  2. Glad to hear things with the farm are still moving forward. Yay for a contest!

  3. Thanks! I had to think of a genius contest idea, but I finally found one!!! Hang tight!

  4. T, there are pics up if you go to the sidebar, scroll down to the labels, click the 'farm' label, it should bring up the post.