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We Are Flying Solo

July 6, 2013

Clinic Videos From Show Jumping Day

Yep, I'm taking the lazy way out for these.  Highlights covering most of the types of exercises Eric used to get the horses rhythmic, straight, and balanced.

Warming the canter up over a pole.  Circle good, corners bad.  While Encore's trot needs to be much more forward at the beginning, I soooo excited about how much more steady he has become in the bridle.

Basic warmup line.  Don't allow your horse to speed up (I did, several times, oops), don't make a bid for the fence, do relax and wait for it to happen in its own time.

A single vertical on the circle (notice a circle trend?).  I'm super proud of Encore in this one, he is such a pro!!!

Of course, right after that triumph, I did this.  But I think it illustrates an excellent point that Eric made often:  YOU are in charge of finding the canter and the line.  Then you pass the torch to your horse and he is in charge of jumping whatever it is you point him at.

And our last course.


  1. I like his technique (and his voice - I could listen to that accent all day!!!) and Encore looks great! :)

  2. Encore does look really nice in the bridle. Very dressage-y!

    And his jumping form is beautiful.

  3. Thank you, I am just so proud of him! I really wondered if we were making any progress at all and he really stepped up to the plate. <3