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We Are Flying Solo

November 7, 2013

Buy It! Sell It! Ride It! Show It! Oh Yeah...SHOW UP AT WORK!

That's the TL;DR version of my life right now!

I want to tell our FenRidge T/N (Training dressage and stadium/Novice XC) horse trial story, but have not yet had time to type it out.  There are a few sneak preview videos on our Facebook and YouTube pages but it was a crazy day so I have more fun pictures and stories.  Hey, maybe I will post them sometime...

The farmhouse is...almost a house!

Well, almost....
It still needs the front porch.  And the rest of the shutters.  And the foundation finish (will match roof).  And gutters.  But you know, it has a roof and you can walk inside!  And I have to say, I am REALLY impressed by the quality of foundation and structural work (hey, I'm a science geek and an engineer's kid, I notice).  One of, if not the, top priorities of this whole building is for it to be structurally sound and stay there a long time without me having to do anything or think about it.  So thank you so far, Carolina Custom Homes (especially for the hurricane straps!) for going the extra mile on the things that matter (I don't give a crap what colour the ceiling is), with an extra shout-out to Susan for being the most awesome, patient, kind rep of all time.

Ummm, yes, porch definitely needed!  I am 5'9" (and as you can see, always the fashionista, don't be jelly) and standing on my tippy-toes in that picture.  Access denied...

But it's coming together.  I ordered a run-in shed (ok, fine, it's a carport, but that's what the horses live in now, I think it's a Carolina thing) once I found a company who met my high bar -- it had to be engineer-certified with 12-gauge heavy duty galvanized steel and wind-rated over 100 mph.  Hey, I am serious about things staying put and only buying them once!  The super-helpful folks at HorseGuard are sending me some bipolar fencing tape to line the previously-existing wire.

Oh, did I mention that I will never be able to compete or travel or eat ever again?

Working on selling my current house in town, but we have had showings in the first week, so please send us good karma (I scrubbed the baseboard behind the toilet, dammit, people, what more do you want?).

And to top it all off, because I was bored, you know, and had soooo much free time, Encore and I will be competing at the Carolina Horse Park's schooling trials.  I had already paid for the entry so we have to go now!  Our dressage time is at 9:30 am on Sunday, so I am very glad we are able to go down Saturday afternoon and stay with an awesome friend.  We should be done jumping both in the ring and XC by 10:45 (choked laughter of time panic), so at least we can come home and pass out?

Ride times here.  A big thanks to organizer and SJ course designer Marc Donovan, XC course designer Andrea St. Hilaire-Glenn, and secretary Suda McNeill for the hard work putting it all together.

Look, you can even stalk us real-time! Live scoring to make sure your friends (and me) stay in proper vertical order!  Thanks, EventEntries!

Oh and by the way, we are entered at Training Level...


  1. Good luck on the house showings and super good luck for your TRAINING level outing coming up!!!

  2. Oh fun! We will also be at the horse trials! Good luck!

  3. I thought I recognized your name on there, Britt! Did you get crazy times too? I'll be that mad brown and blue blur in the morning trying to make my stadium time, haha.

  4. Ok, I just checked and I don't like you anymore, Britt! You have actual time to like, walk your courses and eat between dressage and jumping. Dangit. Oh well, at least I will be home by lunchtime, sigh...

  5. Ooooh, too much excitement! You're going to wear us poor readers out. :-)

    Love your house, and you're cool on the carport thing because their website says they have "barn buildings" (a little groovy fascia doth make it so, LOL).

    TRAINING?? My stars! GOOD LUCK and have a blast!

  6. P.S What is this, "Eat between dressage and jumping" business. Oh, no, no.... you have to be fainting from hunger as well as nerves or you just can't properly function on an event day, you know that! Because you have those enormous fat reserves to call upon. ;-)

  7. new houses are always exciting. it looks lovely- I really like the colour

  8. Good luck on the house selling and the trial!

  9. Who needs a porch? Just get a ladder.

    Problem solved.

  10. So much exciting stuff!! Fingers crossed on the house sale and KICK SOME TRAINING ASS, WOMAN.