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We Are Flying Solo

January 28, 2015

Can You Identify These Suspicious Characters?

With my usual heartless cruelty, I left you dangling in suspense with our earlier "Tease Twit" (uhhhh, that just doesn't sound right...).  I hope you didn't pass out after holding your breath, awaiting celebrity identification.

Because I'm not giving it to you.  *my favourite evil laughter goes here*

I'm not sure what dastardly plots lie within the realm of possibility, but tonight certainly saw a gathering that could result in trouble awesomeness of epic proportions.

Pop quizzes are more fun!  Can you name these enigmatic faces?
If you get all three right, I personally guarantee* an extra two points on your next dressage test.

And no, "dork" does not count as an answer, however true it may be.

Ok, one hint:  this is the view outside my current window --

*All guarantees not necessarily guaranteed


  1. I vote Beka and Archie. And you, obvs.

  2. Replies
    1. Clearly Brena brought her some pot brownies as a hostess gift. Such a little Martha Stewart, that one! ;-)

    2. ROFL, Frizz, I'm not in the right income bracket for that!

  3. ROFLMAO, well, I didn't say it was a hard quiz!! In our's really hard to take a group selfie on a really dark night with fleecy gloves on & a delayed red-eye flash!!!!!

  4. Blogger meet-up! How exciting!!

  5. Beka & Archie were definitely the highlight of that...bizarre place!