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We Are Flying Solo

February 16, 2010

Some Things Work, Some Things Don't

For some reason, the subtitle of the blog is not showing up correctly in IE but works fine in Firefox. Blog template settings are correct, it just goes black on a whim when you view it in IE. Grrrrrrr.....any IT gurus want to offer hints? Make it work!!!

But on to things that work!

It has been 15 days since the hock injections. I have not seen a huge difference in our dressage work. There seems to be a little more evenness in the bridle and the left lead canter (our yucky one) is more balanced though. Much as I would have loved for there to have been magic, all Solo's muscle memory has to be retrained now -- a process neither fun nor magical, sigh. This will take time and patience...

BUT, Sunday was a sunny, clear day and I decided to try our first post-injection jump school. I set everything up from about 2'11" to 3'3" and warmed up.

Oh. My. God.

Suddenly, my horse can approach a jump in a slow, balanced rhythm, come right up to the base and curl up and around the jump with ease. He can land in a rhythm (unless his silly rider loses body control and falls on his neck) and sit back immediately for the next jump.

Suddenly, 3'3" is not a huge effort with hooves barely scraping over the top rail, but rather a simple spring from a nice bouncy canter.

Suddenly, my horse who used to throw himself on the forehand in front of the jump and hurl himself over, then land in a heap and scramble on the other side has been replaced by Gem Twist.

Ok, I might be exaggerating a tiny bit on that last part, but really, it was totally awesome. Solo sprang through our gymnastic line of Xrail/bounce/vertical/one stride/vertical/one stride/vertical with nary a hesitation about rocking back on those hocks. And I wanted to jump all day long, it was just so much fun to feel the comfort and ease beneath me.

So today, yes, I am THRILLED with the results and can't wait to see how things develop. Our lovely chiro is out on Thursday to make sure everything is lined up and ready to go for competition season.

Suddenly, I am feeling a wee bit excited about this competition season...


  1. Wow, quite a difference. I'm glad it went so well for you.

  2. Thank you! Now the variable is how long they will remain effective.

  3. Now, I'm excited too! Good luck this season!

  4. Ahh! Witty comment abilities are back!! Obviously the vet ACTUALLY put stem cells from Gem Twist's clone into Solo's hocks. What a clever vet you have........

  5. No, Solo, I don't want to buy Gem Twist's tail from you -- because I already own it!
    (OK, so it's my horse Mac's tail, but he was a grey TB gelding, so same difference, right?)

  6. Ah, you have a point there Frizz, you already have the tail of a legend. Well, saves you $50, now I have to find someone new to scam, uh, I mean, present this incredible offer to!

  7. ROFL, molly, oh THAT'S why it was so expensive!