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We Are Flying Solo

February 14, 2011

A Day Of Red -- For Two Reasons

Happy Valentine's Day!  (Or #%@#&! Valentine's Day, as the case may be)

Red Number One: Love. Love for the horses (of course!). But I also have to pay tribute to the love of my very special SO. He made all of this possible five years ago when he bought me a shiny orange ball of heart with its own swishing tail. Forever generous and forever supportive of my singular and consuming dream, I couldn't do it without him. Work keeps him far away for now, a situation that many in this country have to deal with these days, but miles are no barrier for something so unique and so deeply wonderful. Thank you, darlin', for all you do and for giving me a much-needed weekend of relaxing and recharging, I love you more than anything (well, ok, except Solo, wink wink).

Who are you filled with love for today? Is there a very special someone whose picture you stare dreamily at on your desk? Hint: four-legged someones ABSOLUTELY count!!!

Red Number Two: Blood. Solo's blood to be precise. I had a chat with Dr. Bob on Friday, just before I hopped a plane to St. Louis for Red Number One, as the blood panel results were in. Solo's red blood count has dropped again and he showed an elevation in white count as well. Both of these can most likely be attributed to the parasite load. The decreased RBC levels, Dr. Bob feels, are also a likely factor in the gum inflammation. It is very lucky we gave him a steroid shot when we did, about two weeks ago, or he would be in far worse shape then he is now.  He may also have some gut ulceration from the worms, but we just have to wait and see how he feels on that one.

In two weeks, then, we'll give him another steroid shot to build the blood back up (good thing I kept him on his vitamin supplement!). Dr. Bob also recommends a Panacur PowerPac in six weeks to make sure everything is cleaned out. I will start riding again tonight, keeping it low key for a bit and feel things out.

In the back of my head, I can't help but think of the looming spring season. But I have to pull the curtain on that particular window, so as not to lose focus on today. If we make it, we make it, but I CANNOT let that drive what we are doing in the here and now.


  1. My dad for one, he is deployed overseas and has been since August and I miss him tons!
    Also my very supportive BF who loves to come to the barn with me. My horse adores him which is a plus!
    And of course my ponyface :)
    But I love them all the time, not just on v-day, which is why this 'holiday' irks me so much sometimes.

  2. I agree, checkmark, that love is every day and not just special occasions. For me, it's generally an excuse to get cheap chocolate on February 15th!

    Sounds like you have some great people AND horses in your life. It takes a very special man to love and support a horse chick and they are worth their weight in gold and then some.

    And special hugs to all the people we love and can't be with because they are far, far away. :*-(

  3. My Arab, Ghazal, has been my valentine for the past 18 years. He's turning 21 on the 20th! It's hard to believe it has been so long. I couldn't imagine life without him even though I don't get to see him a whole lot right now (he's in retirement on my sister's farm) I still love him to death!

    I also have to give credit to my wonderful husband who has made so much of my horse dream possible. He's not a true horse person but he can do just about anything necessary on the ground with a horse. He's been my pit crew on more than one occasion (without too much complaining, lol).

  4. Those are truly awesome Valentine's, Amanda! I hope I get to keep Solo for 18 years, that is just wonderful!