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We Are Flying Solo

February 20, 2011

We're Going Pro

No, I have no delusions that I am the next coming of Boyd Martin.  But....We Are Flying Solo has an honest-to-god address of its very own!  That's right, look up -- up there in the URL bar, you should see our new home: Don't worry though, Blogger will still redirect you if you are linked to or came in via  Hopefully you will notice few changes during the carry-over.

Excuse me while I give in to an inappropriate level of excitement.

Carry on...


  1. I like you much better than I like Boyd Martin!!!!

  2. woo hoo, when do you design your business cards?

  3. AHAHAHHAA, thanks, kippen, I'll take that! Can I get that on a shirt or something?

    Shhhh, lh, don't give away my secret dork plans!

  4. Congratulations! So proud of you both!