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We Are Flying Solo

February 1, 2011

Nunn Finer = Excellence In Service

About a month or two ago, I ordered a pair of Nunn Finer dressage leathers. They were 3/4" unlined leathers. Stirrup leathers aren't cheap these days so you can imagine my dismay when they started cracking in about a month. I am not usually one for returning things, but this time, I was planning on making an exception. I also posted a comment on the Chronicle of the Horse (COTH) forums about my problem.

Well, would you believe that not 24 hours later, a Nunn Finer rep emailed me and offered to replace the leathers for me! Now THAT, my friends, is how service should work.

I came home today and waiting on my front porch were a beautiful pair of black leathers (I went for the nylon-lined version this time) that I can't wait to put on my saddle!

Thank you, Nunn Finer, for your totally awesome service, for standing behind your products, and to John Nunn for your ever-generous support of eventing!


  1. That is absolutely one of the most incredible things I've ever heard! Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely make a point to buy their products when I have a choice.

  2. Awesome! I love companies with good customer service; that's why I totally heart Smartpak and have a new VTO Saddlery obsession. :-)

  3. I thought it was pretty awesome too, Amanda! Ooo, and the rep's name was Amanda!

    Oh, Frizzle, my SmartPak love runs soooo deep. VTO is a good one too, I got my XC vest from them, they were very helpful and speedy!

  4. I love Nunn Finner. I always try to buy their products when I can. They usually are top quality, which makes me think the first pair of leathers you got was just a defective pair. I've had a pair of their nylon-lined leathers for about 5 years now and they still look practically new. I'm ordering a new (longer) pair as soon as I can afford them.

  5. Jennifer, you are probably right. Defects happen -- the telling part is how a company handles it.

  6. <3<3<3 Nunn Finer. Excellent company, quality products. Glad you had such a good experience.