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We Are Flying Solo

April 5, 2010

Ooooor Maybe Not

I should have known it seemed too easy!  My great and infallible plan to use Jeff as a fill-in for Solo's rest days has gone awry already!  Turns out the fellow who is supposed to start leasing Jeff in August (which is a good thing, as those two looove each other and go well together) is going to start riding him more this summer.  Dangit for my grand scheme though!  Although no one is riding Jeff right now, as he is lame yet again, having tweaked something during one of him many episodes of gallopingaboutpasturefornoapparentreason.

We have officially entered Solo's Season Of Enormous Sweating here, so the last few days we've just been taking it easy with lots of hosing and (EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEW!) picking off of ticks, to which Solo is of course allergic and gets big, crusty, disgusting lumps from.  Which let me just mention how much I HATE ticks.  And I hate touching them.  And seeing them.  And generally co-existing on the planet with them.  I know, I know, I'm supposed to be all Biology Girl and crap, but ya know, no one's a saint.  I'll just own up to it right now:  if ticks went extinct, I would gladly throw a huge party and toast their arachnid demise.  There, it's out in the open.  So tell the next tick you see to STAY THE HELL OFF MY HORSE or else face the rather pointed wrath of my hoofpick (pointed, HAHA, get it??!).


  1. Ticks are gross, there's no getting around it. Ours were terrible last year; I'm hoping they're not as bad this year although the dog's already brought one into the house that I found crawling up the wall - yuck!

  2. I've been seeing ticks here also. I spent Sunday with the Excalibur and rubber gloves. So all in all, we both had an excellent Easter.

    Sorry about Jeff. May I suggest Star?

  3. Arachnids? I had no idea.

    We have chiggers, our version of bug demons.

  4. Actually, Biology Girl, I will take it one step further -- I wish for the demise of all arthropods. Yep, the entire phyllum pretty much gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  5. Sorry to hear your plans didn't turn out.

    When I lived near tick infested areas I never went to the barn without a pair of tweezers in my pocket. I completely understand the repulsion to touching ticks! Yuck!

  6. Demise of arthropods seconded, though I know it would technically throw things out of whack. Still. Ugh.

    Try Equispot - it's kinda like Frontline, comes in a tube that you put down their topline and legs and forelock. Worked quite well for ours when they kept picking up ticks in the big hill pasture.

  7. Ack, chiggers are awful too, Breathe, they like me way too much. Manymisadventures, I have used Biospot with some success in the past. Looks like I may need to go pick up some more!

    Poor arthropods...they are not all horrible. Much as I don't like spiders on me, they eat mosquitoes, so they get to stay. And ladybugs and butterflies and moths and caterpillars are kinda cute...

  8. ew ticks are DIGUSTING!! I had one on ME one time and found it sucking me dry in the shower where I quickly started screaming and jumped out naked shouting for my husband thinking I was going to pass out. So...i hate ticks. I had to get a lyme disease test, which I dont have b/c it was an american dog tick, lucky me. GROSS!!! My doctor still makes fun of me.

  9. Ewie! Yes, unfortunately, since I work outside, I get a lot of tick bites in the spring. They are NASTY!