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We Are Flying Solo

May 26, 2011

A Carolina Rodeo

I am coaxing a knee back into cooperation and I just got dexamethasone shot into my spine (hey, now me and Solo have even more in common!).  Problem:  I need to keep Solo moving without me in the saddle this week.

Perfect solution: we've ponied Pete several times, now Pete can pony Solo. Solo was an experienced ponier at the track, no problem to just switch roles, right? So I set lifeshighway up with the shiny beast and they wander off into the woods to work on some conditioning.

Oh, why didn't I notice she wasn't wearing gloves. I kept a nervous eye on the back gate. Solo is very strong. And have I ever mentioned his tantrums that hath no warning?

I hear the jingle of bells when Pete returns.

"How'd it go?" I asked.


Uh oh. Apparently Solo was moderately amenable to the plan for a while (although he is Pete's boss in the pasture so he had no qualms about body checking the little guy). Until he decided he wanted to have a little gallop.

I believe that ended with Solo galloping in a lead-rope sized circle while lifeshighway hung on and Pete spun in little circles trying to keep up. She adamantly protested that she did not want to suffer the shame of having Solo beat her home. I hope she does not have too much rope burn on her very capable hands.

Am I cruel because I wish there was a video? I made sure everyone was ok first. Pete gets a gold star for stepping up to be cow pony.

Naughty, naughty orange horse. I put him to bed with some bute and hopefully he did not damage himself unduly, the idiot. Guess he feels recovered from his horse trial. You just never know when even the calmest horse is going to lose his shit.

Never, never pony a horse without gloves and always tie a knot in the end of the lead rope. And it's ok to let go, I won't laugh too hard and it's better than getting hurt. Here endeth my lesson.

I shall be hiding out in a cabin in the middle of a national forest for the weekend and letting the river attempt to work magical healing powers. Hopefully, next week, I can climb back on the horse and get to work.

Have a safe and beautiful holiday weekend!


  1. Have a good holiday. I confess to wanted to see it on video too. :-)

  2. Oh my. I've had a similar experience ponying, only I was wearing gloves (thank heavens). Most of the time my boys pony great, but then there's the skeery horse-eating goats...

  3. Goats can never be counted upon to act reliably.

  4. Why did I never notice he was orange before??? That's two times you've mentioned it and now that's all I can see... :-) But seriously, I've never ponied a horse before, and I think it would scare me pretty bad if he starting acting up. Kudos to LH for hanging onto his shiny butt, 'cuz I believe I would have had to let the fool find his own way home!

  5. Hhhmmm, seems like Solo would like to start a second career as an escape artist!

  6. Haha, a video wouuuld be entertaining :P Feel better.

  7. Seems quite the trend, eh, Frizz?

    RW, very very orange...

    Thanks, Kate.

  8. I have trouble walking two dogs and ending up with both leashes wrapped around my legs. I was imagining Solo wrapping his leadrope around lifeshighway and tying her up like a mummy. I think I came up with a pretty good visual image without the video. I'm glad everyone returned safely.

  9. I think you are pretty close to the truth there, OUAE! We have learned from this that lifeshighway is obviously vastly more coordinated than I am.

  10. Oh no! What a stinker! Makes for a funny story though...