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We Are Flying Solo

May 23, 2011

A Horse Trial In Pictures

The Flying Solo rig makes an entrance.

One of the six stabling barns

Our stall set-up.

Sorry the first bit of the test is missing.  We scored a 38.6.

A feel for the terrain.  This shows about 1/4 of the course, maybe a bit less.

Oops #1:  Pilot's legs cease to function at jump 16.
This didn't help matters.  But third time's the charm.

Overjump that ditch much?  And I only have one stirrup.  But now we're headed home with the triumph of course completion.

The kiss of death.  But an unfair situation all around for the orange beast and I.

But he tried so hard for me.  Thanks, buddy.

Sometimes it's not about winning.  Sometimes it's not even about getting a score.  Sometimes it's just about trying with everything you've got.  We might not have impressed anyone on the scoreboard but we accomplished some really big things for a horse that some have never believed in.

Thank you, Solo, for hanging in there for as long as you could!  Thanks, mom, for everything!


  1. Thank you for the pictures and the commentary. You just turned my crummy day right around!

  2. But. But. What else happened? What was the unfair situation in SJ? How was the appt and your leg/knee? I need answers!
    And you guys looked lovely in the pics!

  3. Awesome pictures. Looks like you had a great time, even if you are a bit sore now. I love to see a sport quarter horse!

    Technical question: How did you make the video the width of your text column? I am new to this! Thanks.

  4. Well shoot. Sometimes things just don't go as planned. I hope amidst the pain meds (she says hopefully) you are laughing and smiling and willing to do it again someday.

  5. You're welcome, Tricia!

    Alana, the story is forthcoming, I swear. I just need some more sleep before I write it.

    Val, on YouTube, I just click "Embed" then copy and paste the code.

    Yes, SP, I ain't giving up yet!

  6. Great photos! Thanks for bringing us along.

  7. Thanks for posting those!! They were great to see :) And you and Solo look great, even in the more... ;) Shiny and happy!

  8. I love the over jump photo. I could look at that all day. You were centered enough to regain your place in the saddle and move on. Those moments are the ones that deserve their own ribbon.

  9. Good thing I just read your reply to Alana! I was about to freak out because of lack of information :) Solo is so cute! I recently purchased an Appendix that looks really similar to him!

    Just out of curiosity, who is his sire?

  10. Great pictures and waiting for the rest of the story! How is your knee?

  11. Hey, you guys made it all the way to fence 16 unscathed, and that is a pretty huge accomplishment! And, ya know, that flag jump does look pretty shady.

    I agree with lh -- the overjump pic is awesome!

  12. What a lovely photo journal! Thank you for sharing. I'm sorry that it didn't go as planned, but you're right, sometimes it's all about the experience.
    I do hope you heal quickly!

  13. Thanks everyone!

    Abby, I have no idea what his breeding is. I've tried to find out but no luck.

    Yeah, Frizz, I was pretty excited -- really we did all the combinations, and 12 A/B was an intimidating one! I thought we were good after that. Fitness played a big role and that I can fix!

  14. First of all I am SUPER impressed with your's and Solo's progress in the dressage arena, WOW! Great score and the test looked great! Also Mr. Mcshiney pants looks extra shiney for some reason :).

    Awesome! In the XC round! That jump looks like it came up a hill then with the space in between the slats in the jump I am sure gave a lovely reflection coming off the water shining through. It would scare me too, so don't be hard on yourself Mr. Solo we know you tried your best for your Mama.

    I am interested to hear the scoop on the SJing. I am sorry that is the way it went down but you have been at this long enough to know that is how it happens sometimes. Only thing we can predict is the unpredictable in eventing.

    Over all GREAT JOB you two!!

  15. I LOVE the ditch picture! Solo looks so pleased with himself :D

  16. Ahem... ->

  17. That stabling is soooooo much nicer than the stabling in Raleigh. Ehh... Near death-trap stalls!

  18. Amy, shiny tip: at end of bath, rinse with apple cinder vinegar/water.

    Braffie, you sweet thing, you gave me a little sniffle moment. I will have to show Solo!! Your kind words mean so much...

  19. Y_E, yes, if you mean the fairgrounds, sometimes they are an ACTUAL death trap -- did you read about the horse who was electrocuted there last year?

  20. I love that photo of you on the hillside. Gorgeous! I'd frame that one.