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We Are Flying Solo

May 23, 2011

If You Are My Mother, Don't Read This

Yes, I got to spend 5 hours in the ER in the wee hours of this morning, which lifeshighway was kind enough to drive me to. 

In my silly slow fall in stadium yesterday morning, I didn't think I hurt anything, walked away fine.  Four hours of driving later & I was crippled & pain skyrocketed in the evening so I decided to get it checked out.  Hey, I've paid my deductible for the year, I've got to use this while it lasts...for a whole 'nother month. 

So for now, I'm on crutches with a knee immobilizer till I can get in & consult with orthopedist.  MOM, I TOLD YOU NOT TO READ THIS - I WILL BE FINE!

I am off to meet with chiropractor (mine, not Solo's) this morning anyway, but before I disappear in a busy day, I will at least let you peruse our cross country course at the beautiful Virginia Horse Center. Where it is very VERY hilly.

Starting with a BIG steeplechase.  I think the brush was about 3'6" or so.

R and the beautiful pup Lily try to escape my silly pictures.

Downhill to the coop at 6.

Turn left & go down some more to a nearby rolltop at 7.

Log with one stride to drop.

Backwards view of 8 A/B.

Charge up a steep hill to 9.

R shows a bugeyed me how to jump the corner at 10.  I am grateful I don't have to jump his prelim corner next door. 

BIG WIDE steeplechase at 11.

Fat log downhill from 12 A with a steep downhill behind it.

A Himalayan mountain mid-course!

This table was WIIIDE

At the water.  Jump in over 16, one stride into water, jump out over evil flag in the back.

Eeeevil flag jump.

Super wide ditch.

Home free, baby.


  1. Oh no! I hope you're OK and in less pain today. I'm sending thoughts that you heal quickly!

  2. Oh dear. I hope we get the rest of the story, but more importantly, I hope you are ok! That course looks...big. Fun, but large. Were a lot of the jumps maxed out? They sure look it in the pics!

  3. Well I'm not your Mom but I can understand why you wouldn't want her to read this. I hope your knee is a quick heal.

  4. That course is so cool.

    I demand a recap!

    Hope you're ok.

  5. Alana, I think a lot were maxed or close too, it was biiig and other upper level friends agreed, so it wasn't just me. But it was very open and gallopy.

    I squeezed in with ortho this afternoon, so hopefully he'll tell me to just rest it for a week and it will be good?

    Abby, the story shall come...

  6. Oh goodness! I'm glad you're mostly ok! Good luck at the ortho, and here's to fast healing!!!

  7. Oh no, hope everything's alright, in one piece, and in its proper place! Knee injuries are no fun. I advise 20 ccs or chocolate and 50 ccs of alcohol (the stronger, the better) administered every 1/2 hour.
    From the results, it looked like you guys had a bit of a rough go on XC? If so, I can see why -- those are some big jumps!!

  8. that looks like a really good course! hopefully you're allowed to ride again soon, though i doubt you'd stop riding if it were recommended.. you are a horse person after all ;)

  9. Hahaha, Hurricanes, you nailed it!

  10. If you don't want your mother to read this, don't post leaders like "Don't read this" ~guarantees that it will happen!! And it did!! The bottom of my stomach dropped out when I read it... Hope it's nothing but an irritating strain or muscle pull. Knees seem to be the genetic weaklink so far. Follow directions, heal well so you can be up and riding again soon.... I know the world is not a good or happy place if you aren't on your horse.

  11. Yikes! Glad to hear you're okay!

  12. Hey, someone didn't follow instructions...